Oh No....

So, I have bad insomnia.  I asked my shrink for Ambien.  My mom takes it sometimes and it helped her sleep.  I took it one night and before I fell asleep I wrote a lot of a short story.  The next day I couldn't recall writing it.  That's not so bad.  But one night while stoned on Ambien I went on Facebook and sent a little hello--just a few words--to my boyfriend from college.  In reality I would rather he not know where I am or even if I'm still on planet Earth.  He sent back,  "You mean, the one from Texas?"  And my name is not that common.  It's as if he's met so many women since then, he can't keep track.  I don't even like him.  He was a real jerk.  So I don't know why I had to leave him that message.  I can only conclude I was really really stoned. 

Ambien is not a good thing for me.  

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3 Responses Sep 19, 2009

When you get that sort of response from a boyfriend, I'd want to go off it too.

OTC stuff doesn't do anything for me. I think my brain is wired in a stupid way. Thanks for commenting!

Ha, you got that right! I am so off it, but I'll try to be more careful with Lunesta. It takes me freakin' hours to get to sleep.