No I Dont Do Crosswords Becaus...

no i dont do crosswords because  they always seem to confuse me. and it is really kinda funny to me because every one is always asking me for help with words and stuff and i make good grades especially in english yet i can not do cross words. my friends think that it is really funny too because they all have not so good grades in english and i always help them out if they need but they have to help me when we do cross words because i get confused. and i mean im sure that i could do them because its not the words that mess me up its where im supposed to put the words and all the boxes. and i like to look at cross words because i can zone out and forget about everything for a bit. but i have actually tried to do one and i messed it up so bad that even though i did it in pencil we still had to throw it away because it was so messed up.
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4 Responses May 23, 2007

yeah or if i use a pencil then there usually arent any lines left on it because i had to erase so

i dont get them... so my paper always ends up looking likethepen exploded all over it.

lol. yeah they are waay hard, i always screw them

i cant do crosswords either... too hard for me ;)