Boredum Killer

Its the only time I feel happy, I dont feel unhappy otherwise (well, not anymore anyway) I feel nothing, I feel bored, I want a whole new life. Drugs give me that for a while.
theemptyvase theemptyvase
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5 Responses Dec 5, 2010

it definitely helps with the boredom. sometimes i just find myself staying all day in my room smoking meth for no other reason that its there, and i'm bored

Drugs don't have a heart-fight for that new life. Call upon God - seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him

It is an illusion and that's why there are users and abusers... If u know its only a temporary escape ur much less likely to abuse it. Ur more likely to use it to have 5 minutes of peace in ur day!

Ugh.... Boredom is my biggest downfall. As long a I keep busy I'm good. Te secon I'm sitting and realize I have nothing to do or nowhere to go.. I pick up that phone, make a call... And away I go....

but is that not an illusion.

Yes, it is.

does it enhance the ******