First Time Popping 2 At Once

I was at work and on my lunch break I went to go get 2 pills. A blue maserati and a red 007. I popped the red 007 around 8:00 when my lunch break was over. I had to continue to work my shift until midnight. By the way, I work at a grocery store. It's fairly big with lots of lights and very bright. Anyways, I start to feel it about 40 minutes later, it was a slight feeling of being "up". After a while I was outside having cigarettes and talking to customers like a crazy person. I decided wtf I might as well take the second pill which was the blue maserati.

I continued to work starting to feel a lot better, and I started moving pretty quickly. After about another 30 minutes (about 10:00pm) I start to feel insanely good. The lights in the store are brighter than anything. All the colors of the stuff on the shelves seemed to be more distinct and brighter. My co-workers apron started to turn blue! I was having an experience. My whole body felt amazing and all I wanted to do was talk to people. My teeth wouldn't stop grinding. I was walking around the store doing my work like at 50mph. I felt so alive. At one point, I wanted to see how fast I could run because I felt like I was super charged. Like I was minutes away from flying in the air lol. I took a walk around the back of the store outside and booked it all the way around. I didn't feel like I was going fast but I know I must have been sprinting like a ************. I could feel the wind as I ran and it was like I was running on water, I could hardly feel the ground as I ran. After my little jog, I went back inside.

When it was time to take my break I smoked a fat bowl in my car and had a cigarette afterwards which made me feel 10 times better. I came back inside and I went into the break room and read the employee schedule TWICE. I literally looked at everyone's shifts for the next week. I felt like a tweaker. So I went back to work and tripped for another hour and a half. After my shift was over I picked up 2 more blue maserati pills from my dealer. After that I went to my girlfriends how and chilled with her for about an hour. I came home around 1:20am and fell asleep around 2 or 3am. Who knew I could get away with **** like that at work? lol It was fun, I had a great night.
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Haha that's crazy. I work at a fast food restaurant and rolled one time... I was working the slicer with my gm chatting him up the whole time it was epic haha

I ended up popping the 2 blue maseratis the next night. I hardly felt anything because I think I was eating too much. It's time to take a break though.