My First Rave :d

This wasnt my first time doing extacy, but it was the most ive ever taken in one night. I had done extacy 5 times before this, and it was amazing of course, but never this intense!
Ok so Ive wanted to go to a rave sooo badly for a while, and tonight i was going! After an hour or so of driving we finally get to the Saltair to see The Deadma5 show. While me and my boyfriend were waiting in line we took 2 red apples each. while in line we saw someone freaking out while being strapped to a strecher and hoisted into an ambulance. it wasnt even dark yet. my thoughts were "wow, this is gonna be intense if ppl are O.D ing already!" about 40 min after i took the pills i started to come up a little. And finally we got in the rave. By this time it was starting to get dark. as soon as i got inside and heard the blasting music and saw all the lights those pills ******* HIT ME! I was rolling inane balls! My boyfriend said he didnt feel anything yet tho, wich was wierd since i was rolling so hard. We waited in line and got 2 bottles of water, then we went outside where they were playing some insane dubstep. I saw the crowd of ppl and between me and the stage, and all i thought was "im getting to the front" So I grabbed my boyfriends hand and started weaving between people in a mad dash for the front. its a good thing were both skinny or we wouldnt have made it lol. But we finally get the front, where it was all huge muscley bare back men and their girlfriends, and my 100 pound self and my 110 pound bf, im amazed we didnt get crushed. We decided to take one more pill at this point. WOW IM JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH THE BASS AND IT SOUNDS SOOOO AMAZING!! I never dance, and now im dancing like no ones watching. I look at my bf and ask "anything yet?" but i know the answer cuz i see how big his pupils are. "yeah im rolling, im rolling balls!" he said. im pressed against the fence just enjoying myself when i get another idea. The fence and everyone behind dont have V.I.P, and the people ahead of the fence touching the stage do. i needed to be over there. "austin were hopping the fence" i told my bf. I start to climb the fence when some girl askes me "are you hopping the fence?" she doesnt look like shes part of security or anything so i told her yes. "ok hold on one sec, trust me" she says. then she calls 2 pretty large guys on the VIP side over. "these 2 are gonna hop the fence, so cover them" Wow this girl is nice!  "hurry go!" the 2 guys said. so i jumped the fence and waited for my bf, whos foot got caught on the fence, but he made it over just fine lol. I look back at the girl and tell her how awesome she is and thanks "anything for a fellow raver!" she said, and we traded kandi through the fence =D
I look up and see this gaint  glowing and moving cube on the stage and im so amazed by how beautiful it is. Now im touching the in the front! My bf had a vix stick and i didnt get why he brought it until he blew some in my eyes and in my nose. My eyes rolled to the back of my head because it felt so increadable, my face feels so cool and my nose feels like infanant air is going through, and my eyes feel icey and wide open, to help me see all the beautiful lights and glowsticks.  Me and my bf take turns blowing vix in each others face, and soon enough every one wants some. So me and my bf take turns blowing vix in other ppls faces. it felt good cause i felt like i was helping all of these people feel even more awesome, even tho they were all ready ****** up. Then some guy taps my shoulder, he has a joint in his hand. "here, pass this on, its the comunity joint, im just spreading some love ya know, PLUR." wow these ppl are hella tight! i take a couple drags and pass it to my bf, who takes turns taking a hit and smoking a cig, then passes it on. After about an hour of rolling in the VIP area we realize we chugged all of our water, so we went back inside.  I remember the same guy trying to sell me acid 3 dif times lol. we got in the long line and waited. damn i couldnt stop dancing! there was a girl and her boyfriend, and me and this girl started talking. after we got our water i asked her if she could get E, and she said yes. so we waited for this guy to come back, he said if he wasnt back in 5 min not to expect him back, but he was back (:  i dont remember what pill he got us, i just remember him saying "this are ******* good" i looked at them long enough to know that they were yellow, then i swallowed it. God damn me and my bf have taken 4 pills We went the the front of the inside stage, and here you could lean over the fence and rest your head on the bassy speakers, it felt sooo good.  K i relize this story is getting long so ill wrap it up. Me and my boyfriend bought glowsticks gloves and glowing bunny ears, i talked to sooo many people i couldnt stop talking, i traded kandi with soo many people, some crazy high guy and his gal pal kept rubbing there scarf on me saying "doesnt it feel cool??" and he kissed my cheek, his gal pal kissed my bfs cheek, then we went back outside.  There was so many more ppl then when we were here last, wow. ive never seen so many ppl in one place before. Then i look at the stage, and i see that Deadmau5 is playing. "WE NEED TO GET TO THE FRONT!!" this time weaving through the ppl was alot harder cuz there was so many more ppl, i was determined tho. it took about 15 to finally get to the front. I start sceaming and cheering and jumping up and down with the bassline, im so exited and happy, omg deadmau5 is playing!!! (before the rave i didnt really like deadmau5, and now i love him! lol its the drugs) im talking to everyone around me and smiling, and everyone is so happy, and their all smiling, everything was so perfect.  There was this one girl in particular that i kept talking to, we were dancing together and suddenly were bffs. I turn around and get into a deep conversation with my bf. Were telling each other how much we love each other and how we want to be together forever and all that lovey dovey junk. He told me how he thinks im the most beautiful girl in the world and I almost started crying. It felt amazing kissing him and rubbing my hands all over him (and his sweaty back, gross but its true lol) My new bff sees me kissing him and she said "awe how cute! can i have one?" before i know it im making out with another i never thought id see the day. after mucho raving and smoking some cigs (i dont smoke, wow) and another "community joint, but this time it was spice, we went back inside. inside we got some free water and went to the front, and me and another new friend of mine slipped through the gaps in the fence and danced on the speakers til we got security told us to get down. Everyone saw me and this girl dance for like, 10 seconds! I started splashing everyone with my remanding water because they seemed to enjoy it so much. Lets see, more vix, temple massages, light shows. At 3:30 am it was over :( i remember getting the whole crowd to chant "one more song!" but of couse it didnt happen. ******* when i got in the car i was so sweaty it looked like i just took a shower, but i didnt care :P I didnt sleep that night, and the next day i felt like complete ****, my jaw was so sore i couldnt eat, i was depressed, my body was sore from dancing....but it was way worth it! I cant wait till i go to another rave!!!

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damn that sounds like the most epic rave night! lol now i want to go rave again lol

that soumds like a pretty ballin night ! haha. well ive always wanted to go to a Rave. so i have yet to experience that feeling :)