Try Everything Once

I've always been one to try everything once. I figured you might as well experience everything you can while on earth. On my eighteenth birthday I went skydiving with some friends. Last year I ran a marathon just to say I have. And just a couple months ago I tried ecstasy for the first time. 

I can honestly say this was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Never before had I experienced anything so freeing and eye-opening. In the past I had tried MJ and LSD (Try everything once!) but neither gave the same euphoria XTC offers. All this being said, I am in no way a wild person. I am 24 years old working a 9-5 job which I love. I don't go out to raves, clubs, or parties. My social life is essentially hanging out with my girlfriend on the weekends, or with a couple close friends from college who still live in the area. Unlike a lot of the other users on this site, I lead a pretty mellow and calm life. Before purchasing and trying ecstasy I did a lot of research and browsing on the subject. I read a lot of your stories about it, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. (I was much more nervous about trying LSD for the first time than I was XTC).

I decided I wanted to try it alone first before I rolled with friends. I didn't know how I would react to the drug or how much I would need to take. So I bought 2 White Speakers and decided one Friday night at home I would try it out. I dropped the first one at about 10 PM and didn't feel it for about 30 minutes. When it did start to come on though... Wow! I was not expecting the feeling at all. I know I can't textually describe the effects so that any non users can accurately imagine them but... WOW. Everything seems just perfect when rolling. The walls are the perfect texture, your skin against your own skin is oddly sensual, every worry and concern you had before rolling is completely gone. Additionally, I felt warm. I think this is the best way to describe it. Your body stays tingly and warm throughout the whole experience. I can expand on the feeling, but my words won't do it justice.

After enjoying everything around me in my room for thirty minutes or so, I decided I wanted to feel the outside air. So I went outside in just my socks. Initially I started walking around the block looking at everything and celebrating everything I made contact with (The ground, the wind, trees, etc.). But the euphoria came with a new sense of energy and proactive-ness. I decided it would be a good workout if I ran a couple miles. I mentioned before that I trained last year to run a marathon so you can guess I am in decent enough shape. But Holy God, I felt like I could run forever. I ran around my whole neighborhood a couple times as if it was nothing. Full speed I believe too. The socks I was wearing ended up being torn to pieces but I felt no pain on my now bare feet. 

I think I ran five or six miles before I decided I wanted to just relax and look up at the night sky. I ended up taking my second White Speaker so the feelings would continue. So I stopped at the bayou in front of my house and laid on the bank for thirty minutes. You wouldn't believe how good the grass feels when you're on X. I couldn't stop myself from constantly caressing the grass with my hands. In line with this, I couldn't stop touching myself the whole time either. My hands always had to be touching something or myself. Unfortunately, (Sorry to be blunt) I was unable to get hard on the drug. I think it would have made the experience that much better if I could for some reason. Hilariously, when I was laying on the bayou bank a family of ducks came and started hovering right over me. I'm not sure how long they were there but I looked down from the sky and noticed the large ducks staring right at me from only about 2 feet away. Normally this would have freaked me out, but I was so calm and relaxed I think I just said "Oh, hey ducks" and got up and left. 

The rest of my night I just spent laying in bed thinking and enjoying life. This alone was amazing. There is an odd completeness you feel when rolling that you don't get in regular life. I feel like it opens up fifty more senses that you don't normally have. Eventually I feel asleep just fine (Which I can't on LSD and I hate that), and woke up the next day. Sadly I had a bad case of dry mouth and I felt horribly sick the next couple days. I didn't have a depressing come down at all, it was all a result of dehydration. You'd think with all my research, I would have known to drink a whole lot more water. Sprinting 5 miles barefoot will do that to you I guess : /.

But this didn't deter me at all from future use. Although the original plan was to just try the drug once to see what it's like then move on, I decided I would use the remaining pills when I next felt like it. Well just the other night I took a another one of the pills. The experience was very similar and much more refined. I drank a lot of water this time and didn't end up sick the next day thank goodness. I did do a whole lot of crunches since I was feeling energetic and productive. (And I can actually tell how much it helped now haha. Someone needs to invent an ecstasy workout plan : P). Anyways, I tell you all of this to ask a couple questions.

First - Both times I had dry mouth the day after. This isn't so bad, just annoying. The 2nd time I drank plenty of water but it still happened. Anyone know how to prevent this?

Secondly - I have this girl I like that I want to try it with me. But she is completely opposed to drugs and the thought of them. She doesn't share the whole 'try everything once' mentality that I seem to have. I haven't directly asked to her try X with me, but I know she will say no : ( Anyone have experience with this and how to go about asking and persuading her to try it with me? I just think it would be an amazing time if I had a significant other to enjoy it with.

Lastly - I have yet to try it at a party or with a large group of people. How does the experience differ? What should I expect differently?

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Cameron, I have some experience with E, and I too wanted to share it with a girl I liked. The way I went about it was to just be blunt and ask. She said no, and I left it at that. A few months later however, we were hanging out at my apt with some friends and she takes me to the side and says she wants to try it. So I grab a couple capsules (i think it was molly, but not completely sure) and we head to the bedroom and take one each. It takes a while to kick in, so we just head back out to the living room and hang out with everybody, and an hour later she takes my hand and pulls me into my bedroom. i close the door and by the time i get to my bed shes already naked and grabs me and pulls me in. It was amazing Cameron. She was my best friend before the e, and afterwards we became even closer. not boyfriend/girlfriend, cuz our relationship wasnt like that, but just the absolute best of friends. To answer your second question, the experience is different with a large group of people, ive done it at a medium sized club with about 1,000, and ive done it at edc with about 100,000. i even enjoy rolling by mtyself. Its all unique and special and fun in its own way. You can expect a larger feeling of love, the larger the group, if that makes any sense. If you have any questions, id be happy to talk to you about it further. PLUR