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The Second Time I Did E (another Funny Story)

The second night I did e was the night right after my first time, it was all the same people, Me, Emily, Melanie, Jordan and Cj, but this time we had more friends come down to the river with us, Colton, Alisha, and Mitch who is Emily’s boyfriend, they weren’t doing e but they were drinking. This night we had one yellow gun and one orange monkey each, apparently the yellow guns have cocaine in them, that’s why the first night I kept clenching my jaws, the orange monkeys have meth in them, that’s why I hallucinated. The night started with all of us just standing in a circle talking and just having fun, then out of nowhere I heard Cj say “my dicks coming out” then he started peeing in the middle of the circle, he peed on Colton and Mitch’s feet and on Alisha's pants haha. Colton and Mitch decided that they would drive Colton's car over the fence and down to the spot so we could listen to music, and they did… we were so mad at them but whatever. Mel and Jordan and Cj sat in the tent the whole night and for part of the night me and Emily and Alisha were in the backseat of Colton's car and Mitch and Colton were in the front, we smoked so much weed and listened to awesome music and then this song came on and the words are really fast and Emily was like oh my god you guys Tori (me) can sing this song so good so I sang it for them and it felt like my mouth was going like 100 km an hour lol. After I got out of the car soo baked I went into the tent with my other friends. It was crazy in there, I remember when the horny part started when I was laying down and Mel was straddling me and she put her hands up my shirt she was like “oh my goodness, I love them” lol she wouldn’t even let me get up so I started feeling hers, Cj was getting so mad, he was like “this isn’t fair” lol then at one point Mel would repeatedly push down on my chest and I would make the craziest noises lol so after like a long time of lesbian touching we got off each other and just started Chilin. When it got dark I kept seeing crazy things and colors in the black, it was fun. I remember I couldn’t get over Jordan's “Angel Face” lol I started going through Mel’s contact list and kept sending people messages and it was like six in the morning and then I called Jordan just for fun and when he answered the phone this weird echo noise kept happening, I cant even explain it, it was like an alien something haha but I was like “why is this happening right now”. After a while me and Mel wanted to go see Emily because we love her so we ran out of the tent and we thought she would be in Colton’s car so we ran and opened the door and Colton was on top of Alisha, I was like “were you having sex!?” and Colton was like we were, we laughed and ran down to the river and they were just laying there in a couple of blankets it was so cute, Mel got so sick the next morning ahaaha.

victoriajade victoriajade 16-17, F 3 Responses Oct 23, 2008

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sounds like crazy fun times!!! i don't kno y but i never get horny when im rolling, sex is like the furthest thing from my mind, i just like to enjoy the way i feel and then i crash and wanna sleep. mayb i dont' take enough lol or they're not good enough


I love the horny stade of this drug (L)(L)(L)