Always In My Head

Actually dealing with this at this time. My husband was unvolved with someone via Internet , text and phone. It all came out during a mini family vacation. I decided to stay in marriage. And not to my surprise, 2 months later I find out again he was talking to her.. Having to see the man you love writing to another woman, telling her he missed her and loved her, is the ultimate heart break... We are still living together. I forgave him but its in my mind at all times. This is something ill never forget.
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Im going thru this same bull....I agree seeing him write how he has been thinkin of her all night...killed me....its the ultimate heart break... It suks...especially wen I ask myself y must I suffer for his mistakes..he fckd up yet im paying for it ..I did nothin wrong but am forced to rip my love for him out...

I'm sorry you are going through this... That's what he keeps telling me. That I did nothing and there's nothing wrong with me. He's the one that f*#% up. But yet we suffer.

isnt that like cheating.

Yes I considerate cheating. Sexting, and naked pictures. Yes.

wow i feel for you how can he look in the mirror how can he look in your eyes!!! how can he want his cake and eat it too how can he do such a thing. i think its time to seperate and force his hand. l would die for a loyal loving wife someone to confide in dream with grow old with.