I Suck At Gymnastics, After 10 Years!

So, I've been doing gymnastics for around, 10 nearly 11 years now. I would like to think that I'm good, I can do awesome tricks; but to tell you the truth, I can't! Well I think I can't, I just learnt how to do a round-off back flip on floor. After 10 years? Seriously. I learnt how to a do no handed round-off (Aerial) on trampoline when I was around 10, but I never took it onto floor. I'm also trying to learn how to do round-off back hand-spring, but my rebound going into the flip is way to stron and no matter what I try, allways turns into a back flip!
This really frustraites me.
I've also been asked to go into competitive gymnastics, but I'm to anxious and scared becuase if I stuff up, it'll make me look really bad.
But I'll work on that.
JLFeathers JLFeathers
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Hey, dont get discouraged. Gymnastics is the toughest ******* sport on Earth and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Ive done it myself for almost 7 years and I just got my cartwheel on beam this year, I still suck at bars and fall half the time. Im still amazed at the things the girls in the olympics do and if youre brave enough to do gymnastics, then nobody's gonna critize you for it.
If youve been asked to compete, they obviously think you're great and could do very well at competitive meets, so your worries aren't shared by others. ;)