To Flexible ? Hahaha

So I started gymnastics when I was 3 , at that point I did it for fun , now it's my entire life ! I have no friends at school , mainly cause I'm never there ... I don't really care though cause you can't trust people at school like you can at your gym cause you know they're gunna be there when you fall (literally) And outside of gymnastics I dance ! So my schedule is soooo busy ! In dance I do acro (dance and gymnastics put together) so I have to be flexible . I already am , but the thing is I think I'm too flexible .. Like I'm able to do stuff people don't think is possible . It's fun being flexible but at the same time its kinda weird .. Everyone calls me names like barbie or rubber band cause I can bend so many different ways . I'm able to do a scorpion and get my leg over my shoulder and keep it there without help (it doesn't hurt) or when my step brother helps me stretch i put one leg up against the wall (center splits by the way) press my body to it and have my other leg pressed up against my other side .. I'm also able to pull my leg behind me and make like a side ways L shape with both my legs so it kinda looks like this (my legs) ---> |‾‾ .. When I do a needle kick I can have the leg in the air come down and touch the ground .. And a last trick I'll share is I go into a handstand bend my arms do a right or left split and have my feet flat on the floor .. Those are just SOME of the crazy things I can do , Just thought some of you would like a little giggle cause when I do the tricks in front of my teachers and coaches they also laugh ! But honestly , is this considered to flexible !?!?!
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No way. Nothing is too flexible. Flexibility is an advantage in gymnastics. The danger is that you may not warm up enough because you already have enough flexibility. You can still strain muscles if you don't. But do it right and you have the advantage. Remember people will criticise for all sorts of reasons. What they say doesn't have to be true.