Horse and Carriage

i work with horses, i do weddings and funerals with carriages. its a fun job i get to go all over the country. i work with my fiance and hes family, they have 6 black horses and 6 white which are called greys.  we even the glamour girl jordans wedding, weve also done a few well known gangsters funerals.

missd missd
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2007

That sounds like such an awesome job! I mean, funerals are sad and all, but death is a business. May as well let people go out in style.

Who said you can't have your wedding and your funeral too?

hey i'll comment on your story. that sounds very cool and exciting. you should tell us more about your experiences with that business. what exciting places have you been and what other people have you worked for?

That's called married and buried and when I married I was buried at the same time.