The Mundane.

Paul, Weasel, JJ, Smiler and Stevo were at mine. It was one of those organic gatherings that kind of happen, somebody calls round, they get a phone call.. oh I am over at so and so etc.
Anyways, we were in the kitchen discussing nothing at all as friends do. The topic drifted to the most boring chore, of which the boys agreed cleaning was. Now, being a house proud lady I had to disagree. JJ challenged me and said even I could not make house cleaning interesting.
Well I love a challenge.
I went into the washroom and got my mop and bucket. I walked back into the kitchen and unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I just had panties on which I slid down and put them and the dress on the kitchen side.
I walked over to the sink and started to fill the bucket. I bend down to look in the cupboard for some floor cleaner making sure I displayed as much of me as possible. I tipped the cleaner in and began to mop. I wiggled my bottom and mopped away, making sure I attacked the boys feet with my damp mop. I look up and said this was not good enough and got a scrubbing brush. I got down on the floor and started to scrub, with my bum pointing towards the boys and giving them a good show. I scrubbed away and oh dear, I managed to get myself all wet. I got some clean water and washed the soap off my naked body then dried myself.
JJ's jaw dropped. See even the most boring jobs can be made a little more interesting.
I stayed naked for the rest of the day and enjoyed the boy's company. It is funny how I alway end up removing clothing when the call round. Maybe it is the reason they call round so often?
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Took me awhile to get comfortable putting away the higher shelved items and vacuuming the ceiling fans, but in doing so I've nearly lost all inhibitions, save washing the top windows and sweeping the deck.