Cleaning The Rugs

it has been so hot here the only way i could clean my asian rugs was naked. but in the process it made me quite moist ast the cleaner hit my *****, (blush). also my nipples became quite hard. all this being said, i loved it and will do it more often. infact we may have the cleanest rugs in the neighborhood. the only thing better woukld be to share this experience with another girl feeling the same. then we could do her rugs too.

betty4u betty4u
3 Responses May 16, 2012

nothing better than cleaning in the nude

You know I use the pressure washer hose to get the same effect! It vibrates like crazy! So when I'm cleaning the sidewalks or the boat bottom I always have the pressure hose between my legs!<br />
Betty you should try that too. But you will have to keep your cloths on to clean the sidewalks!

Oh thats hot Betty. I would love to dress up like your avatar and help you!

i would love that too