Lights On All The Way

I love make sex with light on almost always, that is because, I enjoy to see in the case of a man, how his penis comes to hardened, and start to wet, the erection transition is a very exciting show to me, that makes me wet myself, I enjoy too the reactions in my partner when he see my body and when I spread my legs, in the case of having sex with women, I think is more sincerely, then, I enjoy the forms of the female body, the way her breast hang when are over me, or the erection of her nipples, the ***** when is wet, the hips, even the butts, I really enjoy everything with the lights on

Jennylou83 Jennylou83
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I am glad you enjoy both sexes, I guess it would have advantages for you, since two girls can be staying together, playing togetyhere, showerting together with nobody noticing or judging. With a man is different, they wil question you more... Sometimes that hapens to my girl friends.. it is difficult for them to escape sexually with me, but with other girls would be so easy... happy for your enjoyment and I am glad you like us a and yourself so much and that you like my erection dedicated to you... I like you too... kiss

I like to **** my wife with the lights on too! I love to see the ex<x>pressions on her face as she gets excited and ****. DC