Hi! My Name Is Courtney and I'm a Crank ***** In T.h., In.

Hi!  My name is Courtney.  I am 19 yrs old, and I have a problem, that I just can't control.  I do a lot of meth.  In fact, my whole family does meth, which is I guess why I got started doing it.  When I get spun, I have this habit of ******* other women's husbands.  I know it's wrong, but I don't have any morals because I'm a fiend.  

Even though I'm only 19, I've already been arrested more than once.  I'm really not very smart because the first time I got arrested in Clay County, Indiana, I got arrested for going to bail somebody out of jail who was arrested for cooking meth and I took meth with me to do it!  Not too bright, huh?  Since then, I've already been arrested on drug charges in Vigo County, and I have to go to drug and alcohol classes now because of it, but I won't stop doing meth, and I probably won't stop ******* around with other people's husbands either.  I mean, if they are dumb enough to give me drugs because I will **** them...they deserve what they get!

Besides doing drugs and sleeping with men who don't belong to me, I'm also a smurf.  I go from store to store buying pseudoephedrine tablets and trade those for drugs also.  I do this all over T.H. and the Indianapolis area at least a couple of times a month.  Eventually, I will get caught so I know I should quit, but I don't have any morals, and I just can't make myself stop!


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Would like to talk to u.... Defiantly would like to hear more about your storey

man stop ******* married unless the wife is down to, like mine she will **** the **** out of us both! Man courtney id love for you to join us, if just a ********* isnt enough I can get some more chics to join, hot ones! the more the merrier!

man I wish I could help you with your problem! who knows how some folks stay sober, it's a real mystery. the only advice i got is learn how to be okay with being in pain, because this world sucks and constantly hurts you, and if you wanna get sober you'll have to figure out a way to be okay with that, lol.

love to do bump with you and lick you from ******* to ****

hi i love to do meth and go down on a woman im a mail ***** i get so horny love licking ******* and **** and smelling a womans dirty panties

Your only chance is to move !<br />
Get out of there now and start a new life... you deserve it !

to bad we dont live closer to each other cuz we could get together & have a non<x>stop smokin & 3sum party for a few days. it would be the best time u have ever had i promise u that

really sad. another example of why people should "just say no!"

My kind of gal .... love to get an 8-ball and both of us get our freak on!

i thought you could only buy 3 boxes of pills per month? Do you really get a lot of meth in trade for this? You may have a drug problem, but that's all you should be concerned about. If these men are choosing to betray their wives, then that's just the state of the marriage/relationship. That's a moral problem for the husbands, not for you.