Iron My Own Clothes

At last count I have six separate creases in my slacks, and several of my shirts have wrinkles permanently ironed in.  Also, I hate 100% cotton.   Somebody help me.

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if it needs ironing through it out! Who wants to take the time. I only buy clothes marked "wrinkle resistant" and if it isn't I would rather pitch it. Ironing is fun for some???not me. If you really want ironed clothes take em to the dry cleaners.

I like the idea, thought, and visual of no panties myself, but its different for a man. He should have something between his skin and trousers.

commando? no way! life is vastly improved by nice panties. I'm wearing Flame Orange today and I think it makes me a happier person

My goodness, man !<br />
It's 2008.<br />
Take your clothes that need ironing, to a dry cleaner / laundry to be laundered and ironed.<br />
Then, take the rest of the day off.

Back when Roosevelt promised a chicken in every pot.

I'm afraid that one went over my head QG. You see, I am not as old as you, and don't remember those days.

Saggy pants just look like a baby diaper thats way too full. :)

Foundational to what? I guess they are important, but foundational?

"in love up to my toes..just a swinging."

I think John Anderson sings it best just a

Maybe your are right Iamloved? Do you also go au natural?<br />
<br />
*groans at the pun*

Iamloved you crack me up! OMG wear underwear for the same reason that you women prevent chafing.

Ok fine i agree with iamloved go nakie!

Thanks Marj...for actual real advice.

What do they do with them QG?

But Iamloved, what if I got into an accident and had to go to the hospital?<br />
<br />
I hear you Red. Me too. They are much more comfortable...not binding.

I like boxers

You mean like briefs? That is an idea. Which do you prefer? Boxers or briefs?

How about new smaller undies?

Roof top is a great idea. Don't need to gain no more weight.


"Maybe you could have surgery to put creases in your legs? Just a thought."<br />
<br /> know....that might work. Let me think about it. Got any solutions for saggy underwear?


I cannot seem to find slacks that keep a sharp crease without ironing.

Buy clothes you don't have to iron *shrugs* my aunt burnt me out ,i had to iron everything ...yuck

You got that right. :)

LOL!! Well, I guess a male cousin COULD, but they probably have 5-6 wrinkles in THEIR pants too!!! LOL!!

A female cousin? Isn't that sexist? Are you saying a male cousin couldn't do it?<br />
<br />
I will definitely try the Wrinkle Release. Thanks

Buy some Wrinkle Release.....use it as soon as you take the clothes out of the dryer. Then "pop" the shirts, by that I mean take the front at each end and POP it hard and fast, that allows the Wrinkle Release to get the shirt straight, Do this on each area of the shirt, hang it on a hanger and check for more wrinklis, if you see any, do the same thing while it's on the hanger. <br />
Aboutthe ones that have ironed in wrinkles.....take them to the dry cleaners and have them wash and starch them......LIGHT starch, otherwise the pants will stand up by themselves!! <br />
When you wash or iron, you have tohandle the clothes by the seams. Take your pants and put the two end seams of each leg together.....lay that on the ironing board and get the waist part straight, so it lines up with the pants leg and lays flat, except for theotherleg, which you have flopped over the waist part. Now, iron the pant leg, keeping the seams together. Turn them over and do the same on the other side. Then do the other pant leg and do the waist.<br />
That should do it, if not, ask a female cousin or if you know a high school Home Economics teacher, they can show you. It's really easy once you get the hang of it, and I LOVE 100% cotton, it's cool and feels like nothing else, especially in the heat of summer!