Every Day

I iron everything..every morning I am up at the crack of dawn..I start the day by ironing clothes for all 5 of us..I absolutely hate wrinkled clothes..whenever I see someone with wrinkled clothes on I feel like asking them if they know what an iron is...I know its a bit crazy..but ironing sometimes actually helps me to relax..so in my household we live in a wrinkle free zone!!
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

do you have any tips for ironing? I figured you would be a good person to ask :)

I do my own as well, there's no one elce here to do it for me.

My mom used to iron tee shirts, bed sheets handkerchiefs and all manor of stuff, I'm not quite that obcest but I like wrinkle free clothing.