Please Understand....

Men, please don't add me.
I am only here to make more gal friends. I don't have anything against you it's just that I'm not here to make friends with men. Please respect this or at least stop wondering why I'm not responding to anything you do.
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1 Response Jun 23, 2012

I just wanted to give you a thumbs up, I have a somewhat similar rule ("I won't accept men who join highly sexual groups"), of course in reality, this means there won't be a single male in my circle, as they're all about sex, rape and **** and whatnot.
Stand by your principles, it's admirable: your game, your rules. :-)

please dont say all men are the same.... Its so demeaning, and sad that you feel like you cant trust guys as friends....

After i read this, believe me, i really dont want to be friends with either of you, but as a random observer, i just offer you this piece of advice:
Stop looking at a person and seeing only a single feature (like gender). Thats prejudice and thats just wrong...