So How Should We Be Treated Fair

I think almost everyone would agree, we do not want to be living very old, that we could be a burden to our loved ones. Once we come to realize that we are getting old comes the idea of fears from getting old. Fear, mostly of becoming to be a burden. But who knows what would happen next, after realizing that we are getting very old ? What can we do about it ? Fears and old age lurking in. . . everyday, just lurks and lurks eating you up.
In Japan statistics shows that elders are getting stronger getting healty compared to few years ago . Less prone to colds and are well educated with their diets. and that Japanese elders are healthy and would actually live a bit longer. Would that be a source of frustrations to some, gosh. ,
Because they eat healthy foods and would just take serious attentions with calories counts and cholesterols. Taking serious issues about taking less of everything, taking it all to moderations. Taking your meals half full or leaving your stomach 1/8 empty. They take time out for leisure times with friends whenever they can. They take health supplements to keep their eyesights, bones and hearts and kindneys etc. to help them keep going while enjoying what is left for a joyous life. they even go from one place to another for travel. The society takes care of the elders and have some programs to help them go with the difficulties of caring for their needs/elders. All of this making growing very old takes to positive insights.
So wether we like it or not. . . regardless of your health conditions. Be it the one with the clean lifestyle. . . or one who takes too much of everything abusively.
Wether we like it or not we are all left to be uncertain of our death. And how we live to be very old age. . . is also uncertain.
But then I guess we just have to accept the truth that our life style contributes to our life span. And to that effect how we spent our young age would have it's answers when we grow old. And what we have to do is change our course of life. To taking a glimpse of our lifestyle.To live a healthy life, that when we reach old, very old age, we would live as one with less defeats. Depending on how you lived your young life, worries and health problems also varies. and all this Will have its dark or bright effect,  when we stay living to be at a very old age.
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This is nice. This is what my parents do, they take really good care of themselves and at 80 and 76 years old, they are very active and healthy. I would like to do the same thing, especially because I have a young son. I would like to walk upright and have no health issues well into my 90s if I can. I certainly do not plan to be a burden and expect my son to be taking care of me.

Thanks B3lla. I also aim for a healthy life and to lead a happier life together with my kids and (just in case) with my grandchildren also.