Don'T Make That Mistake.......

Just because I've shared things from my past and present, don't assume you know me .  

If I write something here ......and you are a stranger, don't comment like you know me.    

Once bitten  twice shy........and I will bite back.   

So, if you call  yourself my friend.......don't assume you can say just anything to me about me or mine. 

justmarji justmarji 51-55, F 3 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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Its ok 4 u to say that,if that's how u feel then fair enough by the way hello there

Yep you are right. Don't roar too loud though, you'll frighten Tiger! :)

Too late Charlie ! He reads me like an open book ! But I'm grateful for the anger. and now I've had my week long episode and done ! Till next time anyway !

Haha. Has he been giving you those big puppy eyes? Glad your feeling calmer now ((hugs))

The lioness awakes. Hi Marji.

* smiles* Hi ya Puck ! rawwwwrrrr !

I hope everything is better than it sounds. I hate when people make assumptions about me too. What I really hate is when someone uses ad hominem that isn't even accurate. If someone's going to through rocks, I'd rather they go ahead and throw at my windows instead of my walls. Everything has been pretty ok though.

It started off with a post of mine where someone I've never heard of commented on it as if they knew me......and my ability's, capability's.

Then a friend, on the phone......about Jim. grrrr......

I am kind of glad for it though, truth be told, because I have come out roaring rather than the dreadful dark pit .

Glad you are doing okay. I'm always here for you friend,