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You know............... after being treated like you are by the major person in your life like you are stupid.................. It begins to take a toll on your mental state. I've actually caught myself thinking, that "Hey Maybe she is right, maybe I am just a dumbass". I hate that!
Hikingguy Hikingguy
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

It does..I was married to a man that was condescending and always made me feel or look stupid. To this day I feel a little self conscious about doing things in front of a man. Still expecting to get chastised or told how I can do it better. Sorry you must put up with this!! You are one of the most intelligent people here!

Thanks baby! And that is why you and I have been friends from the beginning. you are an incredible friend and so caring.

I know just what You mean Bro!My Ex tore Me down so bad that I found myself making stupid
mistakes on the job in a trade I once considered my self to be among the best of the best.I dont know what all is going on with You but stay true to Yourself and keep beliving in Your self!
As with any of my EP friends,Im here man.