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I don't have health insurance, it just makes sense for me to use Planned Parenthood for my birth control needs.  One day, I pulled into the parking lot to buy some more (it sure would be nice if they gave presriptions we could fill in pharmacies).  A worker hurried out to greet me, telling me not to be afraid of the protestors, the can't hurt me, I don't have to talk to them, etc.  I had never seen protestors and having been using PP since I was a teenager.  I had to walk past all these middle-aged men holding posters of bloody fetuses and yelling that I was a murderer just to pick up my birth control.

When this happened, I was a counselor for teenage boys with behavorial and mental problems.  All I could think about was them.  Would these men adopt or counsel or even be able to deal with these children I work with everyday?  These boys came from broken, messed-up homes often with absent or drug-addicted parents who really had no right to become parents in the first place.  Are these protestors willing to adopt the children that are not aborted?

Then I thought about the poor girls who came today to actually get abortions.  They had to walk past these same men knowing what was going to happen, then walk back through them on their way home.  I don't think I would be able to do that.  I might be pressured to change my mind.  Abortion is a huge choice that I'm sure is thought about beforehand, many women often changing their minds daily, wrestling with the decision.  But in making the appointment, they decided ultimatly, abortion would be the right choice so that they could achieve the best life they can.

It's really mean to do that to someone.  I was a nervous wreck just picking up my birth control (ironically, I use that so I don't need an abortion and they were giving me a hard time).  These people are scum. 

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I worked at a women's health care clinic way in the day and share your feelings. An abortion decision is NEVER easy, and most women caught in that situation would most likely want to keep the pregnancy but have come to realize that it is a commitment that requires great responsibility and not something to take lightly. It tears them to make the decision and the thought of going through the procedure. For these protestors, harassing the patients, is stupid as they are indirectly saying that these women have not thought about it what their doing and what about the women's right and not just the pregnancy? Yes, I'd wish they'd keep the pregnancy and put the responsibility where their mouth is. It's way too easy for them to criticize other's while not having to share the resposibility.

It should be illegal to protest within earshot of a Planned Parenthood clinic or any other clinic. It's disrespectful, cruel, ignorant, and so much more.<br />
<br />
They can protest elsewhere.

Yes it was a good story. We have that our local planned parenthood agency as well--and you are so correct--it is more than just an agency for abortion--couple years ago I interviewed at local agency and during the interview--was given handfuls of condoms for my sons--and being the type of mom I am--took them"koozies" that said "we've got you covered". Will say at our local agency--they have a back door so the young women that are using their services don't have to deal with the rabid fanatics.

That is an interesting perspective. It is all just harassment to me. Many women use planned parenthood for birth control and other needs, besides abortion. BRAVO Good Story