I Like It Like This...

I actually don't appreciate this and I am a Christian.  I will admit in the past I thought that all Atheists had a common bond and that was that they didn't believe in God.  It wasn't until I dated a man that didn't have the same faith as me that I discovered that not all Ahtheists, or Christians for that matter, are created equally.  I opened my eyes at that point and realized that all of us are people and have different beliefs.  Since I opened my mind I have gained many new friends and I don't bash their beliefs and they don't bash mine. I like it that way.

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5 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I agree.

A belief hardly defines someone's whole persona. There are as many reasons to have a faith as there are to grow up without one. The only common faith we should all have is tolerance.

You are sweet and I will help you all I can but ultimately I would never push any type of religion or non religion on anyone else. I believe that we all find our own path and come to our own faith. It isn't something ultimately any other person can give you or take away from you.

I have heard that from a lot of people lately so you are not alone ER.