My daughter got a cat as a companion animal.  Punkin is a small, sweet, year old pale gray tabby.  She is sweet, loving, and well mannered. 
Punkin is no problem.  The problem is my 3 year old grandson.  I have never seen a child that age be so cruel to a cat.  Strangling and shaking,
picking her up by her ears, falling on her, dragging her around by her tail, shoving food down her throat, pulling her hair out, slamming her in the door, shoving her face in the litter box, hitting her with his toys.  We can't have animals where we live, or I would take Punkin out of there in a minute.  My daughter is up in arms, as nothing she does works.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

My daughter gave Punkin away yesterday. I am working on the counseling part. Have you ever heard of a cat being too needy?

get that kid some treatment, remember most serial killers started by abuseing animals.