Do Not Ask Me For Pics

Ergh, I hate it when people ask for pics. Ask me for pics and I will most likely block your arse, because you are not the type of person I want to be conversing with. Simple as.

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9 Responses Feb 24, 2010

eeeek! ok, i wont ask! :P

Most the time i am just curious as to who i am talking to, but i never ask anyone for their pictures.

We all were Alex, *hugs* :p

a/s/l? got any pics?

Haha, it is an innocent thing, maybe it's and age thing?<br />
asl, is age/sex/location<br />
, something which people ask when you first converse with them. But only really stupid people use it hehe.

Ok. I am innocent here. What's asl?

Anyone who says asl or cam to me immediately meets my block button! haha

:D haha that was so good, you need a trophy for that performance

Hey, so do you have any pic.....turesque mountains where you live? Whew...good save. Lol!