I Let It Take Me On a Journey...

Read my story in "I Have Depression And Am Unmedicated".

Why fight or numb it? I believe that feeling it lets you live and learn. There are ways to cope and love yourself.

Please message me if you need an ally. I am a true friend.

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Thank you woman for your insight. My love pasted after 23 of marriage and I had known her since high school. I went into a severe depression. At that time my work performance faltered, and my C.O. recommended a psychotherapist. It wasn't an order, but I sensed he had my best interests in mind. Needless to say, my naval career was saved. Just a short note, outside of a death in family, it has been most people suffer from their past. Never good enough, not-to-bright, etc. We all can think and understand who we are. I am not a religious, but I do believe in the writings of Saint John. Whomever YOU believe read yourself out of depression. Untrained friends cannot help. Pro-active is the way---Peace

It is interesting that you could be your own terapist or much better your own friend and give you good advices such us confidence to get through a "problem" that i really emotions expresing themselves. I hope you find how easy is to be happy when you work usib
ng your mind and hearth together and remember this word for the future, past an present "Forgive the gods" because we are the god who created them and we certantly can create a good life for us.

Yes you are a true friend. I used to be but have a whole new outlook on lie so I am not anymore!

Thanks.<br />
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I do not battle depression. If you see my profile I write it out. In so many ways...<br />
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I love music and lyricists and I am an author. I breathe slowly and have a six pack around for tough nights. I used to self harm but haven't for a while now.<br />
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Please read most of my Top 20, that's my core.<br />
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Message me about anything, I am listening. Don't feel alone.<br />
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Felice x

Your a better person than I am. I also have depression/anxiety but i had to go the med route. Any advice for dealing with it without meds?

*hugs*Thanks. x<br />
Right now, I'm battling exasperation and pain, which isn't helping me sleep, so I appear depressed. Oh dear.<br />
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Your own brand of sad fixes the other big type, for sure.