They say never forget where you come from- it will guide you to where you are going.

In other words your background is your identity - you may not think its not your identity but memory is a forever storage.

Don't let that block you , don't let that stop you - don't hold back!!

Most importantly don't let it shape you - you are the decider of your future.

I read that some people come from a dysfunctional families - that doesn't mean that your future should be unbalanced too.

Strive , love , love yourself and do all the things you want to do - that they could not do for you.

Your beautiful , wise and strong.
Every choice you make has either a positive outcome of a consequence.
What you allow , will happen -

Think positive - do positive and cut out any negative energy that is unneeded-

They can only impact you if you let them xx
sapphirescorpion sapphirescorpion
26-30, F
Jan 2, 2016