Whilst I believe that everything has it's place within the universe, and there is certainly something that unites not only all of mankind but also all of life, all of the universe or 'creation'. I cannot believe in a God who is interested in my day-to-day activities. I do not believe in a God who is a person ( ie. with a personality) though I have little to offer in terms of a sensible alternative theory. I suppose I just don't feel the need to believe in a particular theology because I already know that everything is interconnected and I have not needed a belief in a personal God to do this. I do envy the comfort people can take from their belief but I will never believe that God is interested in me as an individual, and my little life, hopes, an pain.

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Wow, this is similar to what I believe. There was a question recently; something like "how do you define God" and I wrote a massive answer to it. I can't remember most of what I wrote so I can't really repeat it here - it was one of those rare times when the ideas are just flowing.

*lol* "the bastard". Please read Gabi's comment, this is perfect statement of my belief/nonbelief. :))

I believe GOD is ONLY personal and that each of us should search for god within ourselves and not through "religion". The Tao teaches that each of us is alone in the universe and that we are all responsable for finding our OWN God...hence the word Tao means...the unnamed God. imagine ALL the things that had to happen in the universe, on the Earth, in time and society for you to reach the moment that you question God...and there you will find God. PaL