Global Warming Believers Are So Misguided

The one question that the Man-made Global warming proponents can't answer is this; If global warming is man made, why have the ambient temperatures of all the planets in the solar system risen too?

While I do not believe in global warming, I do believe in climate change. It's been going on for billions of years and isn't the least bit connected with human civilization on this planet.
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The problem with most of these posts is evident in the word "believe". This isn't religion or political ideology - although it seems to follow that with a high correlation (note only in the US and Canada is that true - maybe the media - Fox "News" and the Wall Street Journal have something to do with that). Do you believe in the microbe cause of disease? That would be debated 200 years ago with the same intensity by those who denied it. Of course climate changes by many natural causes, but most are much slower (excepting catastrophic volcanic eruptions or celestial collisions). What is your source for "the ambient temperatures of all the planets of the solar system have risen too"? In the short term the accuracy of measuring other planet temperatures is much larger than any realistic change if caused by solar output change. Who are you getting your ideas from?

I'm sorry if I came off a bit rude. I wanted to be straightforward with this so if you were offended my apologies.

I was not offended, it's good to debate and pass opinions back and forth.

I'm glad. I re-read what I wrote and I thought it might have been a little rude.

I hate to chime in on this because honestly I feel it is a waste of time, but seriously? Have you guys taken environmental science, or any science class for that matter? "Oh well the Earth's temperature is rising because it's supposed to do that. We humans have absolutely nothing to do with it even though we are the only species to have wiped other species. No we couldn't possibly have anything to do with climate change at all." Now read that over a few more times. Once you have done that read it a few more times so it can sink in a bit more. Now that you have done that I would like to tell you that is what you are saying. Almost exactly. It is a fact that we humans are responsible for more environmental catastrophes than any other species. We are the only species that have driven multiple other species to extinction, and we constantly destroy habitats. We are the only species who do not live with any sort of environmental balance, and yet you two still believe we have absolutely, positively no responsibility for the Earth's rapidly changing climate? You know Darwin came up with a theory a very long time ago. It's pretty simple, and has been a rule every species has followed since life began. Only the most fit, and the most adaptable will survive. Now look back at that quote, and then look back at your quotes, and tell me this: do those ideas allow us to adapt? Is our denial about our responsibility justified? Is it intelligent at all? Here is my opinion, but please don't let it effect yours. My answer is a big, fat, "No!" to all of the above. Love to hear your opinions so please post. And your posts should be cited with links to all of your info. If you would like I can cite my sources as well, but if anyone refuses to prove their point then I have one question for you: Why on Earth are you responding to this post? I am sorry if that sounds rude but I just want to say that out of the gate so if anyone posts they understand I will not be nice to a poster who refuses to cite. Also if anyone wants me to cite I will. So please for the love of god avoid calling me a hypocrite because I am more than willing. Just ask and you shall receive. Thank you, and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Answer me this simple question. If we are the cause, why has the average temperature risen on all the planets in the solar system? Are we causing them to rise too with our actions here on earth?

You also have Darwin a little wrong, fitness is not a criteria, only those species that are willing and most able to CHANGE will survive. They are not always the fittest, the strongest.

Bro, I said please cite. I would love to answer your question just as soon as I know that what you're saying is true. Until I can check to see this is a legit argument, I can't really help you. So please cite.

Buddy I hate to disagree with you but the widely known term is, "Survival of the fittest." And seriously you think a species has to be willing. It is a random mutation that allows species to evolve.

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the evidence is in black and white, the earth has has 22 ice ages ,and man was not around then,the fact we go round the sun says why many weather changes,and that our earth spins at 1100 mph so it would not matter was was done ,in the western world,as we would get it years later ,from the east.