It's All Disinformation

First of all, I have a problem with the word "Believe" in regard to this...  But more of that later.

Long ago, as a student I knew about Greenhouse Effect, which is real, and caused by water vapour.  When Global Warming started up, I thought that was just another name people were calling the Greenhouse Effect, but no, it's supposedly caused by CO2!!....  CO2 can't do that.  It's way too miniscule a component of the atmosphere to have any effect on it, man-made or not, and in any case, the proxy records show changes in CO2 follow changes in temperature, so the cause and effect bit is completely wrong.

But the most important part of all this is that GW is all based on models that are built and configured to produce GW as a result, regardless of the initial assumptions.  How can that be science?  If anything, it's computing and proof of the ability of computers to tell lies with the right programming, but of course the general public believes computers are inherently right, so that's how they end up believing it.

Science is about objective observation.  There's two important bits in that description.  "objective" is the opposite of subjective in this discussion.  It means not allowing preconceptions to color your views in regard to your investigations.  That means, among other things, not having a prior determination of the end result, or at least not allowing that to effect your observations to favor one result over the other.  "Observation" means seeing what's really there, no matter how it may disagree with what you think should be there, or for that matter, what models are telling you.  Observation is the most important part of all this.  It means that you are continually seeing the reality of things, and if necessary, changing your theories or models to fit the observations.

The objective observations of the last 10 years have been telling any scientist open to them that the world has been cooling since 1998, with the rate of that cooling increasing, accelerating during the last 2 years.  The Sun has also switched off, which can be seen by the lack of sunspots.  Yes, it's still hot, but it's not producing the solar wind it used to, and every time it's done that, we've had a mini ice age.  The Maunder and Dalton grand solar minima have coincided with mini ice age.  The so-called "Mini Ice Age" happened at the same time as the Maunder Minimum, and the World experienced the worst winters ever in human history during that time.  The Thames froze.  It's looking like happening again.

But back to the word "Believe".  This is about science isn't it?  Where is the word Believe supposed to fit with that?  Science is about observation, hypothesis, theory, and further observation to prove or disprove the theory.  There's no "Believe" in that.  Even the so-called "concensus" is out of place in a discussion about a scientific subject.  That's a political term, not a scientific one.

No, I don't believe in Global Warming.  There's no science supporting it, and there's plenty of science that says it's bunkum.  The science says we could be heading for an ice age.

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Feb 21, 2009