Where the Co2 Tax Is Largely Headed?

Start with cars and coal plants. One more tax to be added to the taxes they already pay for electricity and gasoline. Another tax to increase the cost of what we buy. Remember former President Clinton wanted to add an energy tax on all fuels, a BTU Tax (it didn't fly for numerous reasons).

Least you forget, every time you exhale, you emit carbon dioxide. Do you think it's absurd that you'll eventually need an EPA permit to breathe? This isn't and Act of Congress, but rather a policy set by an Executive Agency.

Remember the "Carbon Footprint Tax"? It is exactly the same end with a Cap & Trade system (Hint: it is a tax too). In his address before a Joint session of Congress on February 24, 2009 President Obama called on “Congress to send me legislation that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution and drives the production of more renewable energy in America.” The question is, will a cap and trade system deliver the desired result better than a straight carbon tax?

Politicians on all levels have found euphemisms for tax necessary through out the last century. We have fees, and can't for get credit, and now Cap & Trade ... just to name three. All stealth taxes.


Examiner Editorial: Warning: Breathing causes global warming


March 9, 2009 | San Francisco Examiner


Examiner Editorial 3/9/09

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson opened Pandora’s box recently by agreeing to reconsider a Bush administration decision that excluded carbon dioxide from the list of pollutants the agency regulates under the Clean Air Act. Human beings and animals exhale the carbon dioxide that plants use in photosynthesis. A byproduct of photosynthesis is normally oxygen breathed by human beings and animals. So to even consider classifying carbon dioxide as a pollutant is, to put it mildly, quite a stretch.

Even so, Jackson shows every sign of bending over backwards to satisfy environmental extremists who insist that carbon dioxide is causing cataclysmic global warming. In fact, hundreds of scientists argue the opposite, noting that the Earth’s atmosphere has been cooling for the past 10 years while carbon dioxide levels continued to rise. Even so, a small group of unelected bureaucrats in Washington — responding to a farcical U.S. Supreme Court order requiring the EPA to determine whether exhaling is an environmental hazard — are now poised to begin one of the most costly regulatory excesses in U.S. history, which will have profound negative repercussions on every facet of American life.

Jackson’s reconsideration followed the Sierra Club’s appeal of an August 2007 decision by the EPA to grant a Prevention of Significant Deterioration permit that allowed Deseret Power Electric Co-op to build a waste-coal-fired electric-generating plant near Bonanza, Utah. Most immediately, Jackson thus stopped work on a much-needed new power plant that met all other Clean Air Act requirements. But if carbon dioxide is declared a pollutant, stopping the Bonanza power plant will merely be the prelude to far greater losses to come as the EPA exercises its newly acquired muscle to regulate every sector of the U.S. economy.

Lets be clear: All household and commercial activities that produce carbon dioxide will be subject to this newly created EPA regulatory monster. The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to police 189 actual pollutants. A naturally occurring gas critical to the food chain should not become pollutant number 190 by bureaucratic fiat.

Speaking of the food chain, the California Air Resources Board recently determined that biofuels like ethanol often produced from food crops actually leave a bigger carbon footprint than other sources of energy, including oil, when all indirect factors are taken into account. Following the “carbon dioxide is pollution” argument to its absurd conclusion, the EPA would have to severely limit production of renewable biofuels, which are being expansively funded by the federal government as a preferred form of energy precisely because they produce fewer emissions. The madness takes one’s breath away.

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In the 70's the talk was of the next Ice Age which should have been here already. Now it is global warming. Reality is Al Gore is full of it and is making a ton of money from carbon credits. It is bad science all around.