I can not fathom something as asinine as some cosmic force hovering all around us and holding us accountable for all positive or negative actions. So let me start and I will try to keep it short. Ever since I was a baby bad things have been happening to me. The earliest I remember from my own accounts are when I was about 3 or four years old, I was minding my own business playing in my front yard when someone came up and hit me over the head with a 2x4 knocked me out for no reason, later that year someone came up and sprayed windex in my eyes, first day of kindergarten three young black kids on my home from my first day of school jumped out from a bush held me down and put a razor blade to my throat and said they are going to kill me. Very frequently after that is have been beat up, down, jumped, harassed, and also many attempts on my life have been made. I have never done anything bad to deserve any of this. I was raised to respect all and to treat others as I want to be treated. This treatment still happened now throughout my professional careers and affects my advancements due to me just being naturally disliked. I do not treat anyone bad, also show the utmost respect for all yet I am walked over almost everyday of my life. I would love to have a valid reason for this treatment. Most try to say it's karma until I explain how early this all started in my life. Then they try to twist it into oh maybe it's payback (karma) for a past life of your maybe you were real bad then. REALLY!!!

If I am going to be held responsible for a past life don't you think I should remember it? If not how can I be punished for something I have no knowledge of?

So that's why I say karma is fake, also cause I'm still keeping tabs on these ignorant peeps that have been making my life miserable, guess what they are all happy and successful so what the hell?
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Its crazy

I was also believer of karma but after reading a lot about it i have a doubts about karmas. I have doubts about the story of V/Balmiki that whey he got enlighted after committing crimes and same is true about Kenny Johnson. You see Kenny Johnsons videos on youtube.com. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oubf1n6tl4Q also see