How Could Love Be Real

i dont know about you other people out there but i think "love" is such a load of crap....i mean anybody can say "i love you" but that doesnt make it real....i dont think you cant really love some body because...well people change...and if you loved some one because they were beautiful or smart or funny, all that can go away and then what are you left with? someone one you liked and injoyed, but dont can be real, cause people hurt the people the "love" and dont care...and thats not real "love"...i think people are raised think that love can fix anything so they really REALLY want to find it, and they want it so bad that they make them self that they found it in someone they dont really love....and if you think about it look at all the movies we were brought up 'snow white' she is a slave and they banished and someone trys to kill her...but as soon as she falls in "love" everythings all better...i mean come on, that bull....and look at loves her and her lifes hell, but as soon as she falls in love its all roses and daisys....i mean come on? get real....""LOVE" IS NOT REAL!!! 
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You are stupid if you think love isn't real. Love is not only about wanting a partner is about caring about people and things you care about. Parents? Do you love them? Friends? Pets? Things you do? You have a very narrow view on what love is, it's not only about meeting somebody and getting married.

Yes, me too... the more I learn about it, it's a wrong concept. I just loveme and will never love anyone else again... It's better that way.

I think the way we think about love is all wrong tbh. Lots of the media says that love is when you lust for someone and want to have sex with them; it rules out friendship, family ties and sentimental romantic attachments (which I don't believe happen "at first sight").

The romantic love I am in at the moment includes some sexual attraction, but it's more made up of friendship and wanting us to share in each other's lives every day.

love is fickle and obtrusive emotion that just destroys you. I can take physical pain but the emotional stab that love can cause is not worth the few fleeting moments of joy a person can have. The only love you should feel is for yourself because that is the person that you need to actually live with.

Love can be real I can't remember how many times it has hit me.At the moment I have one EP member who has me by the proverbials all the time I am logged in.

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Hi Leeannza,
Yes, you are young. And angry, and hurt. I am so sorry someone hurt you. But, that is part of life. Love is real. It is not the sappy Hollywood crap, it is not just words--it is selfless, wants nothing, expects nothing, and is wonderful. Never perfect, always changing, and finally everlasting.
I lost my husband of 30 years to murder. He was a kind man, never would hurt a soul and a physician. He loved me and our children. He showed us in so many ways. When we were married 20 years he recreated our wedding with a small cake ( same as at our wedding), same chapel, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him again. He told me to be happy every day. This is hard, but I do try. He is dead now 5 years. Expect nothing and love will find you.

Your comment touched me. I was also blessed with a wonderful husband for 11 years, who died 3 years ago (as of 8/28/14). It hit me very hard - I was as close to being a true hermit as one could get while still living in a city, for 2 years. I may have lost him, but not the love. It is what gives me the strength to move forward, to keep exploring and learning from what this life has to offer. I think about what I was like when I was Leeannza's age. My message to her is: you are so young, there will be many opportunities, many hearts that you will touch yours. Remember that real love doesn't care about looks - that is simple attraction. Real love doesn't care about what it can get from the other person, be it wit, wisdom or physical stuff. Good luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My dear Leeannza, by reading you post it seems like that the same was written while struggling with lots of emotions. Love as the word depicts is subjective, you try to define it, you get lost. there are so many aspects of the same, some call it platonic, some call it sensual, some equate the same with sex. Spiritual people refer to the phenomenon in terms of lots of positive energy of the heart. You can have love for the universe, as for the beings created by that universe, it flows down like a river on its way to be merged with the sea of infinity. Most of us struggle with emotions, positive and negative, and these emotions could be towards an individual or for a cause. But the good news is that emotions in whatever form is good. For example, if my girl friends says she hates me, I would prefer that to she saying me that I mean nothing to her and she moves on....and lastly, we are all besotted with our own Karmas (actions: which might have desired or undesired effects), and across births, a group of souls move together, based on our learning and completions (its about completing the actions which result in cause and effect between two individuals)

Wow...and I'm goin' on believing that LOVE is the ONLY way out of this Earth. But I must find and maintain LOVE within Myself firstly. Kinda like the TAO..."ya find yourself off the WAY; get back on it." And while others may help or hinder, I am the one calling the shots... Maintaining my LOVE at the highest level I can. Peace Yall.

leeannza, the best piece of advise I can provide is to learn to love yourself, first and foremost. At your age your main concern should be getting an education and growing as an individual, not the pitfalls or glory associated with romantic love.

You are a teen aged cynic. and way too young to make this judgement. No doubt you have been disappointed by a partner or two. Write back when you're 35 or 40 and tell me how you see things then. At your age you are exploring relationships and finding meanings not final answers. I can attest that love is very real but I didn't begin to understand it until I was in my 40s and after 27 years of marriage and two wonderful children. My love and second wife has passed away, but there isn't a day I don't remember the 12 years we had together trying to please each other. Yes Leeanza there is love and you'll find when and where you least expect it.

My fiance & I love each other very much. And we have been through alot-even homelessness. We made it through. I could have easily left him for this other man who had money & his own house! Love is real & you haven't found it yet. Just be patient & you will find it!

"love can be real, cause people hurt the people the 'love' and dont care...and thats not real 'love.'"

What is real love? What would real love look like?

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It seems as if your definition of LOVE if very immature. You need to define your terms. There are different types of love. Are you referring to romantic love? "brotherly" love? Or the all emcompassing love that can only come from God? You also have to remember that there is a difference between love and lust or passion. Plus, people need more than just love to stay together. People who LOVE each other still break up. In order to stay together you need COMMITTMENT, not just love. Perhaps you should focus on learning how to construct a proper paragraph (with correct spelling and punctuation). You have a better chance of finding mature love if you are educated!

I believe love is the strongest force in the world, however I think it is romantic love that has been blown out of proportion. I Believe that the problem is that folks believe if someone outside of them love them, then life will suddenly become different, But in truth it is only when we can Truly Love Ourselves for who we are, that we can do the same for someone else. I would take a bullet for my husband of thirty years, and my children. I knew after my first kiss with my husband we would marry. This does not mean I have not hated him, gotten angry, or have thought of leaving from time to time, but in the end True Love survived. If you decide not to believe in Love, then I Promise you, you will never have it, But if you keep your heart open, and learn how to love yourself the way you want to be loved, well then Love cannot help but find you. By the way I love Cinderella <3

There is no I in love you. That's philosophy.

Love is natural. That's not philosophy.

There's a lot of bullshit too. Never mind that. Most of the time people are not constantly preoccupied with your issues. There own are more important.

Anyways, it's cultural. In many places, love is duty. Romantic love is real ... we invented it, but it's real too. An experience of the mind can be invented and cultivated culturally and personally. It's bullshit. But it's really real.

Like, we made up all kinds of other stuff. But it's real too. We made up logic. No one says logic isn't real.

Scripture says, "God is love." We humans wrongly think that love is an emotion or feeling. Passion is a feeling; affection is a feeling; a good mood is a feeling. True love is not a feeling and cannot be generated by the human heart: humans will fail you; you will fail them... Respect and commitment is what we, as humans, should seek from each other. With this kind of trust established God's love can come through us if we let it and when those periods of coldness and even hatred rise up from our fallen hearts, that commitment will carry us through to where we can again grow in the relationship.

Sorry to hear you lost "love". I have a personal story. There was a girl I loved, and we saw each other for 3 years. I told her "I love you" and she told me the same thing. Then one day, she left and disappeared. I was heartbroken. Fairy-tales always make love perfect. Love is not always a fairy-tale. Sorry to hear.

when the love is in give and take mode then it always leads to depression

love is not based on just looks its wanting the best for others, and esteeming them high in the good times and bad. the highest degree of love is demonstrated when god saw our evil nature and how we are self destructing and came and saved us by paying all the penalities of our wrong doing even though we didn't ask him or even care.

Get a dog and learn about unconditional love for real.
Love exists, whether you believe in it or not.
Love is our only real salvation because it drives everything else.
You do not understand love.
Love isn't eternal happiness.
Love isn't the end of conflict, or the beginning of great sex.
Love isn't fairy tales told to children.
Love is accepting someone with all of their faults and weaknesses and loving them anyway.
Love is being willing to do anything for a person, up to and including dying to protect them if necessary.
You may never find love if you are looking for what love can do for you.
Love happens whether you like or or not, it is not something you seek out.
Love is the magic we seek in our lives.
Love is why we exist.

I understand how you feel. I have felt the same way many times. You will get over it and someone new will come into your life. You will fall in love again and then you will be hurt again. It's an endless circle. I'm so tired of getting my heart broken. We lose a piece every time. I don't know if love is real but I Hope it is.

Oh yes "The Cowards" that stay & make their patners ill,they cheat,they get caught !, it won't happen again ..RIGHT !!!! over & over & over again,got caught once this guy & openly admitted to me that he had been cheating on his wife for 20 years out of their 30 year marriage ..i am not perfect,i was bled dry(money) & i suppose love by one leach he moved on ..coward left me a note,text me 4 hours later to say where the note was.....LOVE ???? who knows ?, i know that you can find peace inside yourself,you don't have to find God or be religious in any way.
Having things in common can get that from friends,unconditional love,as someone said you can get that from a dog or cat.
Be happy with yourself first,stop looking for "LOVE" there is someone for everyone,he/she doesn't have to be rich,have equal the amount of $$$ that you have,work together to attain common goals,live life,travel,the past is gone move on,the future is unpredictable & it may never happen,today is a gift that's why we call it the present. Love you ,be mindful of what you want will all fall into place.
Do not fall into depression because of another persons comments,we can't please everyone but we can please ourselves , DON'T HATE...remember that that hurtful person will eventually be hurt my one was & he tried to come back after a thats Karma !!!! coincidence ?? call it what you will but my hate for him didn't hurt him,only me...i have moved on & am 5 years into a relationship with an older man who has been cheated on in the past,payback he says for being a B'tard when he was young. we can only move forward...go it,do it for you,teach others how not to love & be hurt but teach others the way to being happy by letting go of the past...these people that hurt us can't if we don't let them.
Draw a line...start life . BE HAPPY :0))) SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES BACK.

She doesn't understand it. Love is not something that is birthed in getting. Love is giving. Love has a heart of its own, and cannot be possessed. As such, it is the only true, free thing. "Free spirit", you might say. Good luck, with finding it, if all you want to do is search for it outside yourself.

I think I would have to agree with you. I have been with my wife for a long time and I think there are different types of love. Like when you are "In-Love" you are totally out of control and you can't picture yourself with out this person. Then when the "In-Love" feeling is gone you are hopefully left with "Love", that feeling of caring about this person, knowing that she is not perfect, that she has her flaws but you love her because she has been there for you and you for her. You have spent time with this person, spent happiness, sadness, laughter, pain, joy and grief. It is those things that you build and share that make you care about her, "Love" her. Could things change, could she one day say I don't love you anymore, sure she could. Love can break your heart but as the saying goes, "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." It is about putting yourself out there and having someone else do the same for you. Might not sound like the movies or the most romantic thing in the world but that "In-Love" feeling comes and goes like the tide of the ocean, it is not a fairytale story. It takes work and commitment, but then again all worth while things in life do.

A lot of people look at love as this thing you feel for another person and other people feel for you. But it's not always about that feeling between two people. Sometimes it's deeper than that. Think about all the wonderful things you have in your life. If you didn't love those things you wouldn't have it, because you wouldn't have had the desire or passion to reach for those things. Think about all the things that make you feel good. They wouldn't feel good to you if you didn't have love for them. It is true, people do throw the word around as if it's nothing, and a lot of the time, it does mean nothing. So your animosity for love is understandable when you've been deceived by people saying I love you when they don't really mean it. But to understand the true meaning of love, you have to look beyond the visible world, beyond the people who come in and out of your life, and into your own heart. If you have these feelings forever, you will NEVER experience the better part of it, whether it's with another man, or just in life in general. It's all about the law of attraction, what you give you must receive. And you are sending out a lot of negative energies. A lot of your rant sounds like it is coming from a broken heart, which you'll get over. But I don't know where your bitterness stems from, only you do. All I know is that your and a lot of other commenters' dispositions are just sad. And your
ending statement is huge fallacy; love IS real. Some people are just too ignorant and cynical to see it. And that is why they are so unhappy. Keep in mind, a change of attitude is a change of Destiny.

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It appears that you define love as the responsibility of others to make you feel good. Your bitterness must certainly build a wall around you that keeps others at a safe distance. Grow up and see if being a little less "self involved" doesn't attract others to you. Fact is you get what you give and attract what you expect.

Realistic and accurately expressed reply. Kudos!!

Love is a decision.

Love is not a decision. It "happens" to cause ppl to make decisions good or bad or not at all

Interest happens. Attraction happens. Infatuation happens. These things may be deterministic, but for those of us who believe in free will, love is a decision.

The choice to ignore what I actually said is a decision. Love is a feeling. It is free will to ACT upon that feeling. Love is attraction that unconditionally brings mother and child together for example. You are confusing this with lust. Would a truly caring parent decide one day to not love their child? If you've "chosen" to love someone or not who is constantly causing you grief chances are you never loved that person or the feeling has passed. The free will is how you choose to deal with those feelings.

What is a "feeling"? YOU are confusing love and lust. YOU chose to ignore what I said. Love is the decision of a mother to care for her child. Some mothers don't. In fact, the child *decides* to care for its mother. Some children do not. Of course, when very young the child has little choice since rejecting the mother could be fatal. But, that only means that it is an easy choice. No, a truly caring parent would not decide one day not to love their child. That doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. Uncaring parents often decide not to love their children. I often choose to love people who cause me grief. Hopefully, my decision will warm and soften their hearts such that they will stop causing me and others grief. That is one of the main messages of Christianity. I might agree with your last sentence - free will determines how one chooses to deal with feelings. But, the feelings are not love, the decision can be.

According to Christianity love is god and god is. When you feel the spirit move you to act upon good will you feel love and want to spread it. As such you are acting upon that feeling. Whether or not it's a choice love in this respect it is still something you feel. That feeling is what compels one to act.
The child naturally responds to loving parents. They are too young to make such a "conscious " decision. They learn it is safe to love unless otherwise treated. Some psychological disorders prevent children or adults from expressing or feeling love(compassion) for self or others hence the "uncaring" person. Exceptions exist of course and some ppl can be treated.
In some cases love may be a decision such as a choice to love oneself or is it learned thru dispelling negative conditioning ?
Love comes in many cloaks and while it often leads to the same result as lust it unlike lust has the ability to evolve into positively transformative energy which would not happen without the feeling to put it in motion.
If love is a decision, than decision is a feeling

As far as I'm concerned if one does not FEEL LOVE for something or someone(in every sense) then we might as well be drones.

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you are absolutely right. the concept is meaningless. It was invented by the Hollywood censors of the 30's to replace sexual desire which they considered dirty and would corrupt the viewers minds.l In the movies to say I love you represents the ******. But it also has another more insidious purpose, the political rape of the nation. A loving, compassionate person is one who does not mind that Government is robbing him blind for 'moral' purposes. Love is moral, it is not logical, or mathematical, it is simply "moral." Doesn't government ad infinitum tell you over and over that you are a loving person so you won't notice their hands in your pockets? Love is a moral gun at your head telling you what a great guy you are. (sucker) A man tells his woman "I love you, now take off your clothes" Government says "I love you, now give me your wallet and I will pay your obligations for you. Love is a monstrous scam

You're right in that love, like many things these days, is wrongly used and that the concept is meaningless. However saying that love is a scam is like saying a rape victim is a ****, or saying that judging is bad. When in fact judgement has been used for good like when Martin L. King judged society and said this isn't right and we need to fight against this segregation. The problem with love is that it is seriously misused, and in a way I agree that as a concept it is meaningless. However, that is because it is so much more than just this magical idea we've made it out to be. It's not supposed to be a concept it's supposed to be a verb, an action. The world says, " I say I love you, and so I love you." When the fact is, even while hearing "I love you" is nice, and some people hold the words dear to their hearts, often it is an exaggeration of the truth and even a flat-out lie. If someone really loves you their actions will tell you, and you won't need to hear the words. "Trust the behaviour, not the words," as my mom says. Love actually means this, "to put someone's needs above your own." While it would be nice if both the government and those close to us would follow this, there are usually those who don't. The important thing to remember is that love is a two-way street, and if you're putting the others needs before your own and they're not putting your needs before their own(or visa-versa) then you need to get out of that relationship or try talking to them about it first.

I'm afraid you bought the gvmnt lie. Love yourself more than that otherwise the enemy has won. Disown the political rape with a solid middle finger and live your own truth

So sorry to read life has created such a cynic in you. Hopefully along the way you did encounter a woman who was as eager to take off her clothes for you as you were to have her take them off for you. Cheers!

Agreed. My ex-wife loved me. She also loved her car which I bought her. She also loved to gamble with the money I earned. She loved dog, as in meat. You get where I'm going with this.

Not every woman behaves or loves like your wife Damnedifino, but I do understand your bitterness. Buyer beware is my motto these days. One of life's harsh realities.

At the time, possibly it was bitterness. Yes, I agree that not every woman behaves like my ex. However, do understand that today I feel I am one of the luckiest men on the planet. I do not believe/trust in love.

To each his own. If you are happy in that frame of mind, more power to you. Cheers!!

Thank you. Wanted to add that I don't believe in "happy" rather what I have achieved is contentment, peace of mind, and freedom. It's priceless. Enjoy the day.

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Love is real, and sometimes when people have a bad experience with an ex it can sometimes alter the way we feel/think. My ex lied and cheated on me and i was beyond hurt I couldn't believe how could someone love me do such things, so I know where your coming from but don't let a bad experience be the reason why you stop believing in love. Sometimes the people we fall in love with are not the people we're meant to be with. A quote I read was "you have to go through alot of bad frogs before finding your prince" something like that, but my point is don't give up have hope because there is a special person out there for you, but if your being negative it shuts that door for possibilities. In order to seek love one has to be opened to receive it. I know thats easier said then done, but don't reflect on the bad so much. Anyways I hope this help I wish you the best

This kind of love is not real and this fantasy of it we are sold creates unrealistic expectations in relationship - and have learned through experience that Love is about respect. And respect is love. To be respected is to be loved - that is the closest concept to what 'Love' and what loving behaviours is that I've found yet. Respect is real. Respect may not have the warm fuzzies we associate with love, but respect contains dignity which is a candle of light and warmth in the heart.

I think love is very real, and love is in as many imperfections as you can think of.
While i accept the feeling of love is made up of imaginings, i don't accept what many will say isn't love,
Love is everything between Love and hate, and to deny the negative is what ruins us all, because the denial is the denial of the imperfections in each of us,
The beauty of love is when you do fall to the negative level, do some horrid things to get back at the one you loved, because they did something horrid to you, how after a time, forgiveness and understanding seems to follow,

Okay, Here is my personal take on Love. There is more... way more way way WAY more to love than what you see on TV, in books, in movies... etc. First... accept that there are varying degrees of love I mean there are languages that have several words for love to describe them "I love you a little/a lot...etc..." Second I don't subscribe to the school of love fixes everything... that's something sold in love stories.. what happens once the romance fizzles and "holy crap our lights are about to be shut off.. you don't have a job, a baby is on the way... YOU PROMISED TO LOVE AN TAKE CARE OF ME!!!" No one talks about the after the couple gets together... it's too real. IMO... love is a choice. Because sure you fall in love... you mesh on some things and don't on others however love is work.. a joint effort of work and what I think you're experiencing and seeing is a society of people unwilling to do the work. Love comes in cycles.. the "I love you and can't live without you" of today turns into "I kinda like you but for real get up we got to keep a roof over our heads" of tomorrow then into "What the heck, (wo)man! can't you see shyte needs to get done!! I'm doing all the work!" of the day after then "I'm glad you're still here!" of the week after and later back to "I really can't live without you."... Don't give up on it yet. Don't expect the happily ever after of fantasy though. Don't expect the prince on a white horse and shining armor.. he (or she) might show up on a donkey in a rusty suit of aluminum.


Sorry sharpesttool, you are so generalizing. Yes and no. Some "People" (the selfish, egotistical, self-absorbed with a grandiose mindset and attitude) will clearly fall under your description. Unfortunately, these types represent the rule more than the exception. Having said that, there are the types of people who are capable of genuine, unconditional, true and selfless love. We (human beings) attract (and retain) either type into our lives through our own actions and manifestations of self-esteem and worth. It is that simple. I learned this the hard way. Cheers!

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect I wonder how much the publishers of "The Law of Attraction" are paying you to spout this drivel.I have PLENTY of self worth and self esteem but that doesn't stop some creep from just trying to use me as a ho (and lying and saying he loves me as he tries to do it).Certain guys have lots of self worth and self esteem but that doesn't stop some girl from trying to get all his money (and lying and saying she loves him as she tries to do it). The ideas in "The Law of Attraction" have not been proven scientifically."The Law of Attraction's" ideas are a MISREPRESENTATION of The Observer Effect in Quantum Physics.Scientists have proven that the atoms that make up everything physical are only atoms when they're being observed by a consciousness.When atoms are not being observed by a consciousness they go back to being waves. (Probability waves).This has been proven over and over again in the laboratory by scientists.However,these scientists never said anything about our thoughts creating our reality.

Whew .. Seems I hit a nerve.

Not agreeing that my comment has in any way disrespected you, or been unsupportive. Quite the contrary. I agree with you, to a degree. I am as authentic as they come. Nor have I insinuated your lack of self esteem. I don't know you from a hole in the ground. Even further, I know nothing about the "Laws of Attraction", so I am not being paid any monies by anyone. This is a ridiculous statement.

Anyone will and can come into our lives attempting to use, lie, deceive, etcetera. That is not the issue. The point is YOU DO NOT ALLOW IT to continue once it becomes evident. YOU DO HAVE THE POWER TO STOP IT BY DUMPING the "creep" and ending the relationship. The red flags do go up fairly soon. Learning to listen and to heed your intuition is key. If something does not feel right it isn't. Have you ever heard of the term Buyer Beware?

I've been married 19 years and if anything my love grows stronger and stronger...I hope that one day you find someone who will change your mind about love. Like I have.

"To love and be loved, is the greatest gift of all." I hope someday you are lucky enough to have this... You really seem to be hurting.

Love is the most wonderful thing which which everyone must keep within. If the woman and man no longer love one another - it means only one thing - they have never truly loved one another. True love combines heart and mind together to create powerful bond. If such thing doesn't happen, then we are not talking about true love at all. And one thing: if you focus your attention only on certain people such as you wife and or husband to the point of worshipping him or her as Mr. or Mss. perfect, then you are completely stupid. Because that is where impossible demands from one another start taking place, that is where great a series of constant disappointments start cascading along the life path, and that is where people start losing one another.

Well, Leeannza, you might be right in most cases, but I can assure you love is real. The trouble is that it is also very rare. I fell in love at 14 with a 16 year old. We got separated and didn't see each other again until 45 years later and the same love was still there. I'm now 64 and he's 66 and we are blissfully happy. Our love is for ever and was forever when we first met in a Youth Club on 26th August 1964 and is forever even now. We're not allowed to put links on this site but if you would like to know more please search for Angela Goodnight's Blog and read my birthday post.

Don't give up that it will never happen, you might get lucky just as I did.

After 34 years of marriage, 4 children, several grandchildren, we divorced. Mainly because the love was gone. We no longer addressed each others needs. Many times I was 'rebuked' when expressing my feelings, expecting at least a positive acknowledgement. I am sure she can point to issues with me.
Love is overrated, as others have expressed. I do, however, see other couples maintaining their relationship, and I honestly believe that this is due mostly because one or the other has accepted their role and also because there is more than one common interest between them. They have things they both like to do, be it cycle riding, winter in Florida, etc. They plan together.

This is sad, and I am afraid this is happening to us too. I often wonder where the romantic, loving, blissfully happy moments went. I simply can't accept these have all gone down the drain through all the good years we had together. If only time had stood still...

You are fortunate to have good memories. Time has it's own plan and love runs its course. If you have nothing more to give then perhaps it's time to explore...

You speak from your experience which is quite common but does not define everyone's. It is not overrated to someone feeling it the first time or 45 yrs later. It evolves or subsides differently for everyone. It is unfortunate that so many are unable or refuse to separate Hollywood's definition of love from personal experience

there is no such thing as love. it's all about the money.

How it was written: "Love for money is the root for all evil".

when forced to choose, cowards choose the safety and misery of a loveless marriage to save face and their bank balances.

I definitely believe in love and caring and compassion, but I understand that sometimes people do hurt people they claim to love. I have hurt people I loved, when I wasn't at my best.

Forgiveness and acceptance and being deeply flawed are all a part of being human being loved too.

Well said. The same goes with me. Isn't this sound like paradox that the people we hurt the most are often the people we love the most? My mother is my best friend and God knows how often I used to hurt her.

Not without money and power..its meaningless.

I understand, I think, a little what you are saying. When I was younger I thought myself a towering romantic. I believed the right person would come along eventually and we would live happily ever after. After two divorces from women I thought would love me forever, I went back to โ€˜workโ€™ dating and looking for that person. Now, ten years later, I am not so romantic. I have come to gips with the fact that for many of us, there is no happily ever after. And life goes on and we do the best that we can. Of course you are just at the start of life, so it is too soon for you to throw in the towel. You may yet find someone to give you the love you deserve. But if not, like me, you have to find the beauty in life for yourself and by yourself. Its still there. You just have to work a little harder. Take care of yourself!

Love is a confusing topic people wish for it while others hate it, I guess it is all in what a person believes in, if they believe that love is dead, that just means they haven't found that one person who will help them find it once more, they have to keep fighting, they have to lock their broken hearts in an iron box, till that one person comes, who see you for the beauty that you are and help fight your demons to see it to.

love is really a bullshit...this bullshit makes it clear

For the evil person who cares for nobody loves is really the way you described it. Do you want to be like that? OK, but evil people are never ever Happy People. They anger can never be quenched.

I think love has its toll on things, ive never been a beliver in love at first sight but sayin this im only 22 now! i met me boyfriend when i was 17. 5 years on we are still going strong ( if youv read my comment about rape/sexual assualt) we are still strong as ever. sayin that it took a while for my partner to understand but things are so good between us. i know it sounds funny that im in a relationship but yet whats happened to me...<br />
but when u think/know what u got its nothing... love is something special. i told my boyfriend i loved him an i was only with him for three months, but he said it back, and till this day we are still sayin it!<br />
i understand when you refer to films thats how it should be but when you meet some one you know is right for you, you never think of films. love is what you make of it. married or just together? its how you feel.<br />
love is such a special tool an sould never be under estimated!<br />
not that this comment about rape/sexual assualt has anything to do with it but my fella has been stronger than ever!!<br />
i love him more than the world could give xx :)<br />
love is always out there xx

Ha. My love was at first sight and that was 1964. Still together and still in love and still making love more than the average forty year-olds. I know we're probably an exception, but exceptions are good.

@mags i like your comment it gives me hope, yes you point clearly one great thing that love is something that grows and become stronger with time. <br />
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<br />
We young people, lets say me think that we will find princess and be happy for ever and all our problems will disappear, but that is just girlie she can't make something of me that i am not...<br />
Feeling is strong in the beginning but i do not belive that is true love.(It is very different, one side is always more in love than other...)<br />
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<br />
There is too many sacrifice in love, i am 23 years right now and i do not feel to marry before 30... I feel like i have lot more things to do in life...<br />
<br />
I would like just to have fun now, some good sex cool dates and so on, i am just not ready at all to have commitment just wanna have some fun and trying to find a girl that is thinking that way....

Clearly "love" in fairy tales and movies wouldn't even be expected to be real by any thinking person; and it's also true that many things that go by the name of "love" are not love at all.<br />
<br />
But I've been married 20 years and might know something about love. We have both changed; we've faced some challenges, showed some weaknesses, and grown over time. The love I feel for him now is more real than the love I felt the day we were married--deeper, stronger, fuller, wiser and more aware. He has faced some very difficult things out of his love for me, painful things that required a lot of him. I suppose I've done the same, although I don't often think about it that way. <br />
<br />
We are home when we are together. He still holds my hand; he's been holding it for two decades.<br />
<br />
Real love does exist, but like most things that are both real and good, it has plenty of counterfeits. It isn't often found in places or through means that are either not real nor not good; unfortunately, that's where and how many people look.<br />
<br />
I met him at church. We put commitment before thrills. We believe the commitment is eternal and try to act accordingly. It's not always peaches and roses; sometimes it requires compromise, change, even sacrifice.<br />
<br />
But then, if you sacrifice something of lesser value for something of greater value, is that really a sacrifice?<br />
<br />
I think about still being with him in 82,000 years, and smile.

This is so beautiful mags. :)

here two people said that they like you comment
now i have some questions
1. are you a nun
2. when you said that your today's love is more real than first day's love do your first day's love was a love in first sight