No Such Thing

if u think after all those years of dating and being together happily ever after is gonna get better after marriage, well think again. not for me anyways, i'm speaking for me, not for anyone (maybe some people who are like me...) marriage by name but not by thoughts, actions, words, deeds, kindness. only more lies, lots of it. hidden little lies will come out one by one.

"i promise i can make this work" the real meaning is, yeah i can make it work now, but i am not so sure about it later.... hmmmmm.

"you should tell me everything, but don't create scenes" the most f'd up thing i ever heard in my entire life. the real meaning is, yes i wanna hear the truth in which i am right, absolutely right in every single righty way possible. i wanna hear that you messed up again and again and of course, i am right again. i wanna hear the truth in which i just gotta be putting my two cents in it instead of comforting you. but i absolutely want no bull$hit from you, not even one, or else i'm gonna shut off my phone and only speak to you whenever i wish to.

life is great huh... great indeed.
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You misinterpret my words if you think I am trying to shove anything in your face... Your right I do not know anything about you other then what you have shared in this story. All I was trying to say was that I disagreed with your view that no marriage will work and that if you want a successful relationship, those things I talk about above are what worked for me... Not everyone is the same, we all have different experiences but I thought that was what this site was about each one of us sharing our thoughts and experiences. If you don't like what people say, maybe you shouldn't post your stories.

ohh lucky you. too bad not many is as lucky as you. i guess you really should walk a mile in my shoe before you blindly disagree with my story just to shove it into my face that you're the only one working on the relationship with sweat and tears... i don't think you know anything about me, there's so much more you just don't know...

Well I disagree with you. I have been happily married for 3 yrs but we have been together 7 all together. And each year it gets better and better, I love him more now then I did yesterday and I know it will always be that way for us. I am not saying our relationship is perfect by any means but when things get bad we work it out. Leaving is not an option for either of us nor is cheating. When you put yourself in situations that allow you to have those options you clearly never wanted to have a committed relationship. They are hard and require monumental sacrifice and hard work and sometimes it is one sided and you have to do a lot of the work, but it is worth it in the end. You have to find someone you have similar goals and beliefs with and someone who will love you more then anything in the world and will support you no matter what you do. When you have a person who will follow you to the ends of the earth and back and you would do the same that is when you know you have a relationship worth committing to. To many people get married on a whim and really are not compatible, they see divorce as a fail safe and know that if they want they can leave. if you never really value something then how can you make that work for you?? And if you fail to value that person in your life then how can you have a sustainable relationship?