3 Senerios

I am completely against the abortion law. It means that a woman has no right to control something that is feeding off her, causing her pain, and that she, in some cases, could not want. In a senerio where she is being irresponsible and having unsafe sex, then yes, abortion would be unjust. But also, the baby is not human untill it is born. The life is not the baby's. The life is the mothers. The baby is depending on the mother, it cannot survive on its own and as the mother has a choice to give it life, she also should have the choice to take away the life. Bottom line, abortion is a just and fair solution to benefit a human being from pain, change and an unwanted child and responsibility.

I have run out of time, and will give you the 3 senerios caused by the abortion law later.
FreezingFire FreezingFire
Jul 12, 2010