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No-clothing Experience!

I also do not believe in wearing clothes at all. But unfortunately I have to wear clothes at school and other places, due to my parents. I usually do not wear clothes at home. One I reach home from school, I remove my skirt, then I untie my bra, pull down my underwear and go to the kitchen to make milkshake. Sometimes I just take a pen from my room and penetrate it in my butt or vagina and keep it like that till dinner. Even when I have to go out to take the mail or newspaper, I just go out nude. In most of the family photos, I am without a bra or an underwear. I am nude even when I have dinner with my parents and younger brother and sister.
If you want to read more of my stories, just type it in the comments! And I love you if you love me! And I was writing this story while I was peeing so it took a long of time to write this story!
sarah4444 sarah4444 16-17, F 16 Responses May 13, 2012

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Ever answered the door naked?

i did the exact same thing when i was your age, but i grew up in a nudist family

I'd love to read more

Keep writing please .. And could you add me please

Just delicious, darlin!

A lovely story. I was "seeing" you in all your glory.

You are a wonderful girl and I hope your modelling career goes well.

Are you in high school or college or something cause these stories don't sound like something from someone still going to school. But bravo on your courage! (Not trying to sound creepy)

I really do love your story. And I am so jealous about you. Wish i had the nerves to do that at your age. Please post more stories.
Did other people see you naked, outside of your house?

Great story. I wouldn't mind reading more.

How do your parents feel about this? Because mine are so against it.

how big r your boobs do u shave

Love to read more also

I like the fact that underwears (including bras) are a waste of time and money for you. Keep it that way, as long as you live. I would like to know you a little more and exchanged some expereiences and toughs, but for that you have to add me first.

Being naked is great. Peeing feels good to. I like more of your stories Sara.

Hi! I would love to read more of your stories! Welcome to EP! :)