I am very much "pro-suicide". We as individuals have many choices in our lives. What we wear, where we live, where we work, when we eat, what medications to take. But the most significant event in our lives -death- we are forbidden to have any choice over. There is a huge stigma attached to suicide, and society believes people must be "crazy" to wish to take their own life. But is it really crazy? suicide has been going on since the dawn of time, and with many intelligent and famous people.

Seeing sick people suffering and being forced to continue on suffering by the government is just heart breaking. We treat animals much better than we do humans when it comes to this. We would euthanise a pet to 'put it out of it's suffering'. But with a human? nope it's not an option, we let that person go on suffering until they meet a painful and terrible death.

Ofcourse I'm not just talking about the terminally ill, I'm talking about everyone, and the fact that everyone should have the right to choose their time.

They say suicide is selfish- I disagree. I would however only say suicide is selfish in only small cases, like a person doing it because they could not handle their financial pressures and leave it on their family or the murderer who suicides after killing innocents.

If people want to go, then who are we to say no? Is this to do with religion? I want to know. Because it is sickening. It is sickening that we, as a society, force people to throw themselves in front of trains, to blow their brains our or poison their bodies. Where's the respect for human life then? If people wish to die - they will do it anyway, so why not make in a humane way?
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I am considering taking my own life if I can get a powerful enough gun. We will see. It is my decision and I believe I have the right to do suicide. Mental health professionals are of no help because they consider my thoughts as needing to be in a hospital. I was for more than a year. I have a wife, house, beautiful land, 2 professional jobs. No money problems. It is just my decision and the fact that I am getting older makes me lean toward doing it.

Suicide is not selfish. People who say that suicide is selfish are. Shaming a sick and/or miserable person into going on with their failed, waning lives simply because you yourself will be personally inconvenienced by their death. Sounds pretty selfish to me.

It means they want to die, their choice

My friend......i read your story which inspired me, but you used the word that the people "wish to take their own life" can you explain, HOW?.......................:)