It Can Be...but...

In a way it can be selfish, because It does affect the people you leave behind deeply. But it's just as selfish as the people that want to take your choice away and say your "crazy" for wanting to die. It's not their life. They want you to live for THEMSELVES, so they don't have to feel the pain from the loss of a loved one. I am sort of pro-suicide, I have tried to kill myself 2 times and failed, obviously. I'm done with that for now because I think I might actually have something to live for, so I'm giving life another chance. But my point is, It's a choice that people make to escape from the hell that they can be facing. And who is anyone to judge that...?
KawaiiDoll KawaiiDoll
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4 Responses Mar 29, 2011

Do other people really matter I am 25 years old and the only thing I can tell you about this world and its people is life goes on they will cry for 5mins and then go back to their 9-5's we want to believe that this world is like a clock we are all cogs we all have a part to play in its function but the truth is when you kick the bucket no one cares and the ones that do... It wont be for long . They put the guilt trip on about killing yourself simply cause you came to them with it I could shot myself in the head right now and no one would even know or care it would be months before they even found my body.

I don't believe in "sins".

The minute the word "sin" appears, all credibility your argument may have had is gone.