Dead Eye

while slowly wandering along a dirt fire road that winds through the hills of their home town, during a cool moon lit night, he turned to her and said, "it hurts doesn't it, i mean it really ******* hurts."

a little shocked to hear such a thing on such a lovely evening stroll, she responded, "what hurts?"

without hesitation he said, "everything, everything does."

she thought for a moment while listening to the unsynchronized shuffling of their feet as they knocked tiny pebbles around and climbed a slight rise in road, and then she replied, "sometimes, yeah."

he went on to say, "what if it isn't just sometimes, what if it is most of the time?"

she felt her heart turn upside down, and dump out the nights simple pleasures in preparation for something else to take their place, and replied, "i don't know, that sounds horrible, i really can't imagine."

he noticed her change of tone and mood in her, and proceeded with what he had been wanting to say, "well, what if there was a cure, something you could do that would stop it?”

slightly taken off guard, and balancing between hope and dread, she tentatively asked him, "are you talking like drugs, or surgery, or something?

"no," he responded quickly.

"then what?" she replied back.

Immediately sensing her growing irritability with this rhetoric line of questioning, he said "forget it, forget i ever brought it up. I doesn’t really matter."

Now, feeling somewhat sure footed and prepared to get to the bottom of this whole conversation, she said, "i don't know if i can just forget it, is there anything you need, is there anything i can do for you?"

he took his time to contemplate her genuine and heart felt offer, but he knew there was nothing anyone could do. So finally he mumbled "just forgive me, when the time comes, if you can, please just forgive me."

"for what?" she stammered with a slight wavering of fear in her voice.

he looked to the ground, and after a moment he spoke from the lips of his dying heart as if it was a stone cast into a canyon and all you could hear was the echo as it dashed against the steep walls, until you could no longer hear anything. But just before he disappeared into the depths entirely, and more like a whispering ghost than a human voice he said, "please forgive me for leaving you and those i love to carry this crushing world with one less shoulder to share the burden." then he turned away and released his eyes to drift upwards to look at the moon, which seemed forever frozen in time, like a giant dead eye that never blinks.

CopperCoil CopperCoil
36-40, M
Jun 10, 2008