Selfish For Whom

How can it be called selfish to not want to bring others down with your pain

If you are mentally ill how can it be selfish to choose not to burden those you love with it and all its details

How is it selfish if you will not be missed, when you are alone in the world

How can it be selfish to end worry

how can it  be selfish to stop being a loser, sto taking up space stop being a drain on others  

How can it be selfish to grant  secret but known wish, correct a long held regret 

How can it be selfish... 

I don't get it  

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you have a brain glad someone does

I don't think it's a selfish act at all.<br />
A close family member of mine did it, but I have never blamed him or considered it a selfish act. I have never recovered from what he did, but that is another story.<br />
Neither do I think it's an act of weakness. I get really peeed off with people who say that those who suicide are weak. I have the view that it takes courage. No doubt others with disagree with me.

i live in the US i went to college to study what i wanted to do but because i was lied to by professionals who got paid to help me i didn't get the expeience i needed to actually get a job in the feild <br />
<br />
i participaed in clerrical training to get a job with the possibility of getting a clerical position somewhere i could move up to what i wanted <br />
<br />
but the prgram they stuck me in- the only one they would pay for was one where i couldn't learn that well (which i told them from the begining) and only came with a one month internship (where most are 6) <br />
<br />
so i have no job live on public assistance <br />
<br />
am disabled and incapable of working most minimum wage jobs

come on babes! look at it this way. you have no job or commitments holding you back. Do you live in the UK. If so you can do Uni for free and train to do something you really care about. What is it you are finding so hard to achieve? You sound depressed so you may not be thinking straight. If you are then taking medicine will make you feel better, if that is why you feel that way. What is it that is making you unhappy and what would make you happier. Then make a plan to get there x x x (P.S. Even though you are depressed I can tell you are very witty and have a wicked sense of humour!)

you can't do what you want with no money no job no anythng and no matter how you try to achive the bsic things to make a life it doesn't work

well then live your life for yourself. If they bring you down then be around people that make you feel good. People spend their lives doing things that make others happy or trying to make our family etc proud. Feel liberated that you dont care whether you live or die so you can do anything you want. There must be things youve always wanted to do, do them! Ive always wanted to go to China. Hopefully I can go there soon x x x

selfish to people who barely had time for you while you were living <br />
<br />
but are now all boo hoo that your dead i don't buy it <br />
<br />
and i'm sorry but in situations like that they deserve what they get for treating a freind or family member like something that come in a dime a dozen

I don't mean it in a horrible way but selfish means thinking only of yourself which is was suicide is

Its selfish because of the pain others will got through if you/the person was gone. Even if people don't show it for whatever reason they do love and care. Its just sad that they are the ones crying afterwards. If only they said it before! I've felt that way before but theres no point. I might as well do everything I want to first.

why do you care either way

hucus pocus

Hello tulick!<br />
<br />
It is recent information; but its not under the "new age" banner.<br />
<br />
It does make sense if you take the viewpoint that we are here to uncover and LIVE Who We Really Are... and since Who We Really Are is infinite and eternal and one with All that is, it is not subject to things being "overwhelming". One is never going to find this out and prove it to oneself if one isn't tested! <br />
<br />
Somewhere inside of people is that indomitable Essential Self that can - and will, if asked - get them through whatever test they're facing; but of course, if they don't trust it, don't ask, and don't then go with their guidance, they may have a shattering experience. That's a risk that has to be taken in wanting to prove oneself. Never fear... only the personal self can be in pain, or die. The Essential Self is still HERE, no matter what happens.

i never said it wasn't i said not all circomtances are there to learn from

sounds like new age non sense to me<br />
<br />
and no not all circomtances are there to master some are just there and there to be cruel to people

From what I hear from some Dimensional World beings who assist suicides in the after-death worlds, there are NO SUICIDES who are not greatly regretful and discomforted that they elected to take their own lives. <br />
<br />
It IS simply an act of desperation, when the circumstances have seemed to be overwhelming. However, every life experience is there for a reason, and backing out of one that you feel you can't handle is always an attempt to escape - which will result in your being returned to that point again to try again... there is no escape! You come back straight away into embodiment, and into the same set of circumstances - because the circumstances were set up originally by yourself and your guides in order for you to learn and prove you could master them.<br />
<br />
That's on the latest, up-to-date information that I have about the subject. I know this info won't please everybody... but I give it, just so you can consider it. Consider it well!

how sexist and descriminating

not everyone who talks about or attempts suicide is being manipulative or ONLY crying for attention <br />
<br />
many are very serious in their want to die even if it is only so the pain will end<br />
<br />
still more are very serious in their attemt even if they use poor menthods or fail it does not mean they want it any less or are seeking attention

Just love the "Whatever". My favorite phrase. Be positive, assertive, and agressive in all you do....if you're gonna attempt suicide, make it a reality. lol<br />
I've had lots of experience with the manipulative suicide cryers...that's what they are=manipulative. This is, of course, sad and they DO need help. But if you are the person being manipulated, there's only so much help you can give. They Do have to get off their butts and change themselves.<br />
Most people don't really want to die, they just want the pain to go away. There's usually Something they enjoy in life and just want their life to be filled with that. There are some cases where there is nothing left to do but die.<br />
I had to realize long ago that there was nothing I could do to prevent my clients from committing suicide. Encouraging people to tough it out is about the limit of what anyone can do. And, suicide is always an option because of free will.<br />
<br />
I, myself, take great hope from the fact that life, and everything in it, is only a temporary condition!<br />


roguealphafemale: right on! All those depressed freaks are just being lazy because they enjoy being depressed and suicidal. It's our own damn fault because we just don't want to be happy! Right!

ah but there was someting you could do


what doesn't kill you weakens you wat doesn't kill you makes you colder and i am living proof see my story in i hate people saying what doesn't kiil you makes you stronger

I think your ex is the exception, cc.

That Dark Place You Seem To Be In At The Present Time, is One I Know All Too Well. It Traps Me There. Once You are There You Never Truly Forget It. I've Been Dead and Revived. It's Quite an Experience. You're Feelings Are Intense. But Feelings Aren't Always Facts. Only You can Change It. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger. If This Is A Plan For You? I Just Wanted To Ask You To Please think It Through, Love. <br />
<br />
Rogue get her help before she gets it right... PLEASE

good point its DESPARATION not selfishness

Okay CC what constitutes "little"... only taking 23 pills instead of the entire bottle? only cutting 1/5 inch deep insead of 1/2.... Sorry if I sound witchy but ANY cry for help is just that and should be taken seriously. I don't want to die, I want life to be peaches and butterflies but I get to be the one with little monsters stomping inside my head... I'd rather let it all go and have a little peace.<br />
<br />
ggrrr... okay I'm too sleepy to make this work so going to bed before i actually bite.<br />
<br />
xoxo<br />

How can you blame someone for being selfish when they're that desperate?

well for me i'll take death if ever it comes

I have been on both sides of the fence... I've seen those who don't get it cry and blame the one who died and that hurt me in a way that I just couldn't make them understand that kind of sadness. If you've never experienced a dark so deep then good for you, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. <br />
<br />
My best friend didn't get it until after her third child she hit a post pardom (sp) depression that opened her eyes... maybe everyone should get just a touch so that you too will get it... and understand and be more responsive when you hear the call... <br />
<br />
It's not that we all want to die we just want someone to help us find a way out so that we too can live. I believe in quality of life not quantity.... I'd die tomorrow if I could do it with a smile.<br />
<br />
*msp steps off soapbox*

you can't know that and not all of it was about me

I've actually tried suicide, when I was fifteen... I swallowed an entire bottle of sleeping pills (which were actually prescribed to me) And in the letter I'd left on my nightstand, I'd written "I don't want to die, I just want to hibernate... like bears do and wake up when everything will be better". Since then, I've found other ways to cope when I feel down...<br />
<br />
Hang in there, I agree with "Tacit"'s comment, you are not a loser!

and that would be the latter

the act in itself is not selfish. it is an act of desperation. everyone has a different view on this touchy subject. to some it is selfish, to others it is a last resort to end the pain. it just depends on which side of the fence you stand.

i know

Just so you know, I don't think you are a loser.