I Do Believe There Is Hope

As someone who has been nearly at the end of my rope, completely helpless, hopeless and heartbroken more than once, I can definitely say that those who are suicidal have their reasons for feeling that way. Sometimes it is events they can't yet come to terms with. Sometimes it is chemical imbalances they have no control over. Either way, while they may be too overwhelmed by their own pain to see the long-term picture, they are far from selfish, which implies that they are willfully trying to hurt others for their own benefit. If you haven't been there, it may be hard to picture how it must feel. Imagine having an elephant on your chest, crushing you to death. It's kind of hard to care about what is happening to anyone else. 

When I hear about a suicide, there are only two reactions I have. If it is someone who was suffering from a painful disease and dying, with no hope of relief, I feel the loss of their presance, but sympathize with what must have been a relief for them. If it was someone who was merely overtaken by depression, I feel a deep, wrenching sorrow. It was a battle lost, one that could have, with time, been won.

I believe that we have the ability to eventually come to terms with everything that happens to us. Maybe not for a long time, but eventually. We have great strength. It's not that everything has a reason, many things don't. But if we survive, accept the challenge and come out the other side, then we get closer to our potential. It's just that not everyone survives the time of crisis. 

So to anyone suffering emotionally, I beg you to try everything you can to survive. Speak to someone, keep a journal, go to the emergency room, or find a hotline. Call all your friends and family, and find the ones who understand. When the urge comes upon you, distract yourself with music, movies, books, whatever. You CAN get through this. All you need is to give yourself time and take advantage of every possible lifeline. Life on the other side of depression is more wonderful than you think possible. The pain doesn't last forever, even if it lasts for years. Do some research into mood disorders if you think you have one. Putting a name to what is wrong can help so much. You may find out it isn't you that is messed up, just a little chemical that needs balanced.

Fight, and do it to spite those who think you can't. Do everything you can to heal. Eventually there will be better reasons to live. 

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sometimes you can't balance those chemicals out.

"If it was someone who was merely overtaken by depression , I feel a deep, wrenching sorrow. It was a battle lost, one that could have, with time, been won."<br />
<br />
No, that battle cannot always be won. Think about it, many people do stick it out for years, for decades, and they just get too exhausted to fight it anymore. Physical illness is not the only valid reason for ending your life.

Though I've never been suicidal myself, I've definitely have been overwhelmed and can empathize with the feeling and what suicidal people might be going through. And I don't see it as selfish at all.<br />
I think seeking support is the best way to get through hard times like that, until we become confident and calm enough to stand on our own.

That's true. I'm not into that adage either. I guess when someone does end it, that means they couldn't take anymore. What I mean is, I grieve not just for their passing and their pain, but also for what maybe could have been, if they'd stuck it out. I hate to see anyone give up hope. I know what that feels like.