Any decision one makes generally has its effects, to varying degrees on their loved ones.

It is not selfish to take a way out of a bad, irreparable situation. Yes, it is noble to persevere and go on, but it is understandable to be overwhelmed, to run out of ardor.

Is it selfish to move away for a better job? Is it selfish to relocate to get a better education? Is it selfish to change localities to escape harsh living conditions? I consider suicide another form of those "changes."

One does not have a say in coming to life. We are usually born to satisfy our parents' need for fulfilling their parenting instincts. So if one finds him or herself in a life they do not like and are unable to modify, I see no reason why they should not end it and put themselves to rest.

Suicide could be an ultimate defeat. And it is ok to admit defeat when you actually are beaten. Or it could be an honorable exit, when the potential benefits of hanging around become not worth the effort.
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1 Response Nov 17, 2014

Are you kidding me? Suicide is NOT a change. Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It's taking the easy way out. It might be harder to live but it's worth the risk. So they've been dealt a hand they don't like. So what? If you don't like it, change it. Move. Do something about it. You can't compare suicide to moving and relocating. When you move and relocate you're giving yourself a chance to start over. But with suicide you are ending your life. That's it. No chance to change. It just ends. You've given up. It is completely selfish. Screw those people who persevere. It isn't even about that. It's about someone being so focused on their own pain they don't see the people standing right next to them wanting to help. Trying to love them. Trying to help them. Suicide takes that love and throws it out the window. Why would you do that? And not to mention, how do you know of any potential benefits if you end it all? You can't possibly know that it doesn't get better. That your future isn't worth it. I've lost people to suicide. I've thought about it myself. It isn't some poetic, beautiful thing. It's a horrible and ugly thought that creeps into our minds when we are suffering. Telling us that we aren't good enough. That we aren't worth saving. That it isn't worth trying. It's all lies. Don't romanticise a tragic and terrible thing. Because that's telling people it's okay. That suicide is an option. That giving up on life is okay. So just stop, okay?