Suicide Is Not Selfish

It is more selfish to expect me to live here in unbearable pain so that I can keep you "company"? I have long since stopped being around you because of the pain. So what is the point?

Suicide is freeing both of us from pain. You will get over it. The people who claim they suffer for years cling to their pain. If you let it go you are not letting that person go. The memory of them lingers on but it can be without the pain. That is your choice.

I choose to let go of my pain. Now it is your turn.

Your silence means you accept what I am saying and agree with it.



summerschild summerschild
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My point exactly.

I with u summerschildmost people dont know what depression is like

My opinion still stands. I still believe that it is not selfish. If the survivors are honest after a time (a very short time really) the pain goes away and there is a relief that the person is not there anymore. Frankly I know that my family is tired of my pain and having to deal with it. I know they would rather I just go away so they don't have to deal with me anymore.

I don't believe suicide is selfish because I feel I have the right to decide whether I live or die. By failing I mean I didn't have enough pills to be able to die. At that time I didn't have enough info on how to die painlessly. I have the info now just don't have the cash to get all I need. Hopefully Uncle Sam will help with that.... :)

I don't know whether suicide is selfish or not, but I do know that NOBODY should live in the kind of pain that makes it desireable. Why do you feel suicide is OK? BTW, I would guess that trying and failing might mean that you do not really want to end it all with death, you just want an end to the pain.

Oh and for unseen.... yes I have tried and failed and I still feel that suicide is ok

Have I ever sat with the grieving? Yes I have. My cousin committed suicide by hanging himself near our grandfather's barn. His body was visible from his mother's kitchen. I sat with her. But I also see that she has recovered from her grief and has put it behind her. His widow refuses to remarry and uses him as an excuse. <br />
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I also consider another cousin's death a suicide because he drank himself to death. He was so drunk that he could not attend his own mother's funeral due to lung cancer (and no she did not smoke - not everyone who dies of lung cancer smokes). <br />
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I sat with the family and they have recovered.<br />
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My opinion stands. Those who realize that they are holding on to their grief for selfish reasons and to punish the dead only hurt themselves. They would still be miserable even if the person who committed suicide were still alive and the only difference is the one who died would still be in pain.<br />
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Why is it that physical pain is treated and people understand but emotional pain is treated as meaningless and trivial and the sufferers are treated as annoyances and pushed aside? For some this is the only way out. Let it be honorable and let it be painless. Suicide should be helped so that it can be clean and painless. That's my view and I am sticking to it.

Suicide is not selfish - because those attepmting it do NOT realise the devastation it causes. I tried to kill myself two years ago and lived. The sound of my mothers voice, the look on her face - it was heartbreaking. I was DESTROYING her, my own mother.<br />
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I can never fully forgive myself for what I did, and if you do it and survive you'll feel the same way.

"Suicide is not selfish" that has got to be the most absurd and incorrect blanket statement that I have ever read. This is for the 23 members of this group.<br />
Given an example of someone in pain, and suffering, most of us could give some consideration to this statement. However there were no parameters stated in the title, so let me give you another perspective just in case someone who is considering suicide has an opportunity to read this.<br />
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Lets talk about the teenage girl only 15 years old who just had a fight with her boy friend and decides to kill herself. Or lets take the man who has a tiff with his spouse and fires up the car in the garage and his thirteen year old son finds his Dad dead sitting in the driver seat. Here, let me give you one more scenario, two brothers living at home with Mom and Dad, older brother age 17 comes home and enters through the garage to find his baby brother hanging from the rafters.<br />
I think you should rethink this bull **** statement because I wonder if you have ever sat in a room with that thirteen year old boy who found his Dad dead? Or held the Mother of that girl as she walked up to the casket with her beautiful, young DEAD teenage daughter in it, so distraught with grief she could not speak? Have you every hugged a seventeen year old KID and told him that it was not his fault that his baby brother choose to kill himself as he sobbed uncontrollably on your shoulder.<br />
Well I have, those people are real and I sat with each and everyone of them just as I describe. I am a licensed funeral director and have seen **** that most people could not believe. So give your statement a bit more thought, because let me tell you, it is wrong.