Love I Can't Have :(

Love I thought, i had Love i wish i had, Love you said i had, But have never recieved. I have pain within my heart, But i chose not to show it to you.I can't explain how many times i've tried to get you to see That i've been here the whole time and everytime i think it's getting better it just ends up being worse :(. The more time i spend with you the more i've come to love the person you are. Even being away from you hurts me from the inside to the outside. I've tried giving you space and i've tried forgeting you but my heart just won't let me. I love the way you make these weird faces and i love the way you talk to me. You have hurt me time and time again but my heart won't seem to let you go no matter how much i try. I want to say "i wish i never met you" but i can't say that because if i never met you then i wouldn't know what it felt like to love again. I really wish you knew how i feel 3 
prettyandbi prettyandbi
13-15, F
May 18, 2012