War Inc

Have you ever seen it? The movie, War Inc. starring John Cusack? Good movie, sad but good. The lines delivered by "Yonica BabyYeah" I am not from this place, I can not be from here...pretty moving. My feeling on it is she sees all the violence & ugliness in the world especially around her and feels desperately...I Do Not Belong Here. Well, I've felt that way for as long as I can remember. How often do you go out and people are actually nice to you, maybe even considerate...hell, they don't even look at you anymore with a cell phone stuck to thier ear oh, unless they are gonna flip you off, then they look at you. There is something dreadfully wrong in the World today and it isn't getting any better...only worse. I can't be from here, I don't belong here and I am not from this place.
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2 Responses May 26, 2010

neither do I............

i guess we have so many people who don't give a ****..about what others go through..