In This Society

after browsing the groups i liked the 1st time i went here, i read a shocker. the group "I Will Answer Anything You Dare To Ask" has so many stories about women who have some lewd clothes. maybe i'm being conservative, but i just grasp the concept why there are so many people who wants attention..sexually. i mean isnt it degrading to know that when people ********** they think about you? doesnt act mean that they only want your body and not your whole you? what do those people get when they know these things? isnt actual sex enough? i mean if you're being slutty in the net, then how much sluttier will you be in real life? so dress like a **** and go actually do men! just dont understand why you hotties are here and posting some stuff like that.

am i being too goody good? idk. maybe i don't really fit in this society. outkast...heeeeeeeeya. 90's kids will get it. :)
totallying totallying
22-25, M
Jan 13, 2012