I Think I Do Still Care

but I'm giving up, on a certain friendship anyway. I'm just tired of dealing with the drama that this person brings into my life and always having to walk on eggshell around them for fear that I'll somehow make them mad. I've tried to have discussions with her about it but she just acts like nothings wrong at the time but then will ignore me for weeks. I'm sad because at one time she was a great friend of mine, but i just think were changing into two different people. So I'm done playing her little games  and cutting the drama out of my life. 

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

This is exactly what my mom and sister's relationship is..my sister has chosen to distance herself a bit and it has been for the best..Perhaps one day they will be closer but for now it's like you said.. it's best to cut out drama..Great post! :)

it is a hard decision to make but i think its for the best.. thanks rescue :)

She will be loosing one very awesome friend. I'm sorry you even have to make such a decision. You have a very good head on your shoulders though and I'm sure it is the correct one to make. Hugs for the loss.<br />
We are very glad you are a friend to many of us on EP.