Weight Is Nothing, There Are More Important Things Out There

How much one weighs has nothing to do with what they are capable of portraying to another person.  I do not care how much anyone weighs.  It ultimately does not matter.  Big, small, or in between, it is all the same to me.  When it comes to relationships, I could not care less about their weight.  What really matters is what is inside, the personality.  I see through a person's looks and see their soul.  I observe the good in them.  I also notice how a person carries them self.  How someone carries them self is a factor of beauty.  If you are more confident, you can be more beautiful to people...the weight does not matter.  I believe that confidence is the key... to almost anything.  To success, to health, to basically everything in some form.   Weight is what many people judge by.  They can think that a skinny person does not eat (enough) and an overweight person eats too much.  It most definitely is not always the case.  Stereotyping blows my mind.  It hurts, and it is everywhere, that is why I steer clear of being judgmental and do not stereotype.  There are exceptions to just about everything.  I also know that there are people out there that think like me.  I acknowledge their open minds and commend their individuality.  Weight is only a number, nothing further.

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I do agree with you that it is what is inside that matters, not what a person weighs. If a person is relatively healthy and active but heavy and are happy with themselves, then more power to them. But if they're dealing with a myriad of health problems that are preventing them from living a full and productive life because of their weight then they should consider take action to make a better life for themselves if at all possible. I read a great button that a friend of mine wore...."A waist is a terrible thing to mind" and that is so very true!

You're great! Keep up the good work! L, spot2566 ;-)

This is so interesting. I am 5'10 and statuesque. I have weighed as little as 139 or as much as 365. Currently I am 20 pounds over my ideal weight.<br />
I know men whom go weak in the knees over morbidly obese woman, and almost crash their cars watching them.

I love your confidence and self esteem BBUDS and your generous and loving attitude. Another person spreading the love .. thanks :) xox

That's harsh!

Would you mind revealing your height and weight? It's easier not to care when you don't have a problem with your own weight.