I Am Jacked Up And I'm Proud!

I am proud of being wrong, crazy, quirky, unique different, and most of all...MYSELF. You should be proud too. If you have any problems then read my long list that i am proud of:
1-I am afraid to ask girls out
2-I have 3 last names
3-I sometimes hype up and get nervous when i feel somethings wrong with life but i just can't put my finger on it
4-From time to time I have a sudden surge of sadness, nervousness, happiness, anger, guilt, frustration all mixed together
5-I have anger problems
6-I have a high voice
7-Puberty frightens me
8-I am afraid of people hating me
9-My best friend is Travis and Tristian, whom i have not seen in over 5 years and when i think of them i start to cry
10-I feel that i should stand up to bullies but i feel too nervous too
As you can see i am very unique, but imagine if no one wasdifferent? this is my first story ever on ep. I just want to say that i thank people who like this. if we were in person i would probably be too nervous to say this but: no one put a bad comment about me.
poopypantsman5000 poopypantsman5000
13-15, M
May 23, 2012