Am I For Real?

I was wondering if I was I real werewolf. I have this weird habit of staring at the moon. I also have the ability to run faster than our dchools track team. I am extremly strong even though I dont work out. Can someone solve this question for me? Please?
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I'm a real werewolf and go through the same thing

Thanks. It feels good not to be alone in the world of hunters

Same here


Hey do u know if there is any wolfs bane in Florida so I can avoid it?

I live in texas but my friend destiny might know. I have know contact of her though. But she said forestation is the worst. Like foresty areas.

Got it thx

Welcome. :)

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HeyNow are or is we really alolone ? lolook around Wolfie .. listen to the silence k? i swear there is definately something out there .. now go pounce on it : wisdom comes quietly so tell everone to be quiet k? ..k ty

What do you mean by that? And whats with the alone thing.

simple simon k.... nO we are never alolone k? & im not paranoid cause i know we aint never alolone k? Dont be stupid & lolook around .. jiminy crikkits dont gimmie this WTF do you mean stuff.. I aint alone ever cause i got the all Powerful & Mighty Great GoogleyMoogley on my side & watching out for me k>> Now go play ,but not w/ the Toupee k ? k ty .

Ok I think I understand. But why do you call me wolfie?

prolbally not .. but if you dont like my answer , perhaps seek the advice of Miss Cleo or DrDrewPinsky of the rehabski .. do you lift your leg to to urinate per chance? cause if you do i really cant help you k ?

Uh. No I dont lift my leg and urinate per chance. I am a girl. I squat!offensive

Wouldnt be offensive to an alfa wolve .. sorry i had to sniff around ya know .. didnt mean to toss any rocks in your pool of urine Wolfie k ..

Hey! Ok you need to know. I aint a alpha! I am lone wolf ab dc I hate it!